Abar Khaboo (Eat Again) – Chiriamore

Mughlai is a great option for mid-priced Indian cuisine. Chicken Chap & Mutton Tikka Combo is so good it’s worth ordering a second order.  Along with Mutton Biriyani had a great Saturday lunch at Home !

I ordered here

I ordered delivery for the deal 30% off  through Swiggy and it didn’t disappoint me. Although the delivery man struggled so hard to get to my apartment. It took him 10 – 15 minutes to locate where I actually am in the building (poor guy) and I had to call him 2-3 times. Anyway,  I was pretty satisfied after ordering from this outlet for the first time.

Chicken Chap & Mutton Tikka Combo  and Mutton Biriyani – DSC_0220DSC_0221DSC_0222DSC_0223

The Rs. 205 combo was amazing and well worth visiting often! There was more reason to be happy when I received Rs.60 cashback in paytm wallet.

The tikka masala curry was delicious and rich, while the patty was “meaty” and I’m so happy I live nearby and will be ordering often!

I had an exquisite lunch on a rainy Saturday afternoon. and was not disappointed in any way. The food was beautifully spiced-some delicate and other dishes with more zing. The portions were generous too and the presentation very appealing.  The mutton of Biriyani was cooked perfectly.  Tender, delicate and fresh ingredients.  The spice on the Biriyani had depth but did not overwhelm.

So, since I loved everything I’ll just start with my least favorite dish, the mutton tikka. The taste was good, but I found it to be a bit hard in texture compared to what we expect in Tikia.

The chicken Chanp was cooked well, it wasn’t chewy at all and for the price, I would say that they give a generous amount of chicken in the dish. The “gravy” was pretty typical of Chanp. ‘

Overall, the food certainly good.  It just could have been even better with some minor tweaks to seasoning.


If you’re craving Indian non-vegetarian food, you probably won’t find a cheaper place that delivers straight to the door in about 40 minutes.

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