Aqua Java – New Alipore

Located along a side street off New Alipore Area, Aqua Java is both unassuming and almost Harry Potter-esque as it is hidden street level. The cafe is divided into two parts.  The section at entrance can accommodate 10 – 12 heads and the PDR type comparatively larger part welcome a guest of 20 – 25.  The outside area seating combined with the sun and little succulents lining made for the perfect morning. Perfect for a casual date with friends.DSC_0048DSC_0050

So far, this Cafe has some of the most amazing people that work there, that actually know and care of what they’re doing.

Been to this place couple of times and every time I loved it! Great ambiance and tasty food.  We had to wait for a couple of minutes before getting seated. Our server was very enthusiastic and suggested us good drinks and dishes. Very pleased with his service and etiquette. Everything we ordered was so good.

The Dishes We Had –


With the refreshingly sweet flavors of apple, this frightfully fizzy Frankenstein soda is a thirst-quencher that celebrates the season of summer.

This simple Mint Mojito might be the perfect cooler with mint, simple syrup and always refreshing. Cool, fresh and invigorating.


LEMON CORIANDER SOUP – The sourness of lemon and freshness of coriander leaves makes this clear soup super special. A healthy, filling, and aromatic soup is always perfect in the beginning of meal. DSC_0026
MANCHOW SOUP – The consistency of this soup is thin compared to hot and sour soup. The best thing here is that it is topped with crunchy noodles with hot spicy, sour soup.  DSC_0013
SWEET CORN SOUP – It was on the bland or rather sweet side. Felt like they could have done a better job making sure it had some more flavors while preparing it. DSC_0019
CRUNCHY CHILLY SESAME BABYCORN –  Fried Baby Corn topped with honey/sesame seeds. Great for mild taste buds.  The flavors are really nice, not muddied or thick like you sometimes get at cheaper restaurants. oe of my favorite dishes, I really liked that the babycorn crispy and went well with the sauce/seasoning. DSC_0043DSC_0046
SPIKED NACHOS – Who in the world does not love nachos?  I was so excited to see this dish in the menu. Wow…just wow. So, so good. Nachos are a hard thing to do with excellence. Usually the chips get soggy and the temperature goes quick. Not here ! The chips are fantastic. A little thicker and very dense (great for holding lots of toppings). Served with cheese toppings and salsa dips. DSC_0106DSC_0108DSC_0113DSC_0115
MASALA CHEESY FRENCH FRIES – Yeah this dish is ridiculously AWESOME. I knew I was in for a food coma when the first juicy morsel hit my tongue. You could easily put this dish on the top five of Aqua Java dishes.  The fries were so crisp and seasoned perfectly. It is scrumptious, and is one of those foods that you’ll be craving again when you’re hungry. Melted Cheddar Cheese, baked with lots of french fries. Just imagine ! DSC_0052DSC_0057DSC_0061
IRANIAN CHELO KEBAB – Aqua Java’s signature dish, served with plain rice pilaf. It is very buttery and it’s made so that a crunchy golden crust forms at the bottom of the pot. Their marinated saffron paneer tikka was delicious!  You’ll see from pictures that they don’t scrimp on portions. You get two enormous skewers of tender, juicy, and flavorful paneer kebabs. Delicious! The rice is also very flavorful and fluffy.DSC_0066DSC_0070DSC_0074
CHEF SPECIAL PIZZA – How do they make such a creamy white sauce?! Whatever it is, it’s tasty. The flavors here are their focus and I really appreciate that. I could get a plain vegan cheese and vegetable pizza that tastes okay, but I would much rather come here and get GOOD pizza with attention to taste. The spice on both pizzas are really good. Unexpected. DSC_0090DSC_0091DSC_0097
MUD CAKE WITH VANILLA ICECREAM –  This is my upscale comfort food go to! Their Mud cakes are so rich and gooey. Don’t let these little portions deceive you because they will certainly pack a punch in your sweet cravings. Each signature Mud cake dessert is made with carefully catered flavors, presentation, and ingredients.DSC_0123
CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE SLICE – A perfect dessert to end the meal. It wasn’t dense like a lot of other pastries I’ve had, in fact, it was nice and fluffy, had the perfect amount of sweetness and cured any sweet tooth that I might have been ailed with. DSC_0127


MELTING HOT CHOCO LAVA – I can handle the hot cake and the vanilla ice cream really well, the filling inside was much too rich. Decadent indeed. I had 3 bites and cant able to quit. Thank goodness I’m now wise enough to share everything. My eyes are no longer bigger than my stomach! It had warm chocolate in the middle and the ice cream that came with it was a perfect compliment to the hot cakes. 


Overall, decently priced, great food, and opened early. There is plenty of street parking on a weekend morning. The whole vibe is just a great place. Large wall mounted TV’s keep you occupied with music videos and sports. It’s a fun place to hang out. The wooden chairs are covered in padded exotic pillows, which makes the whole experience just lovely. Will be back for more.

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