KFC – Still a Lovely Deal

You can never go wrong with KFC. I practically grew up on the stuff and it is so very much addicting!  KFC has definitely grown from back in the day and I still enjoy their original fried chicken which reminds me of when I was younger. They can never go wrong in my book and I will continue to go to KFC for my fried chicken kick I love. IMG_20180620_221152_HDRIMG_20180620_221246_HDRIMG_20180620_221359_HDR

KFC is always a place for some good fried chicken. Despite all the negative reviews I had a craving for some Boneless Chicken strips.  KFC rarely dissapoints.  Chicken was fresh, saucy, crunchy and fast. Service was quick. Not the greatest but for a Rs. 395 (Discounted Price) meal having 12 pcs Boneless Strips at home is always reason of Joy ! A few glass of chilled soft drinks were perfect for icing on the cake.  Most people are so quick to complain but I wanted to commend the customer service I witnessed in store and received in time of home delivery!

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