Wood House – The Pet Cafe

Pet Cafe – Sounds cool? Well, it won’t surprise you to learn that the idea for Pet Cafes has come from South East Asia, in particular Taiwan and Japan where they are big business. In Tokyo you can drink with penguins, munch lunch with fluffy rabbits and have a sit down with a hedgehog in your hand.

On a busy street in Topsia, founder Varun Agarwal showcased  two beautiful Persian Cats , 7 Exotic Birds and 2 Dogs.  He aims to raise awareness of pet friendly mentality ! He was fond of pets from his school days. But he had not have any option due to some unavoidable circumstances which most of us have faced problem in household for keeping pets. After completing his higher studies he has established his own little world named Wood House – The Pet Cafe.PRI_1136PRI_1140PRI_1141PRI_1143PRI_1145PRI_1150PRI_1162PRI_1167PRI_1169PRI_1170PRI_1355PRI_1373_

We were not disappointed to get the opportunity to be part of this pet world. The Cafe have their own set of house rules, which includes things like not feeding the animals, no tail-pulling and so on.  Pets can dine with their owners. Offers a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, freshly made sandwiches and homebakes.

It’s the perfect place to take time out with your furry friend who can choose to dine from a menu as delicious as yours. The food and service were excellent, and price very reasonable. Staff were very friendly too. Also, enjoyed the music they had on in the background, gave a nice homely feel.

We had a great session with some finger licking spread !

Classic Caesar Salad (Chicken) – This chicken Caesar salad is delicious and satisfying. Crunchy romaine, creamy dressing, tender chicken and savoury cheese .PRI_1204
Mediterranean Couscous – Medley of Carrots, Cucumber, Capsicum, Cherry tomato & Couscous in vinaigrette dressing.  Fresh herbs and colorful veggies make this quick-to-fix dish a winner. A gorgeous light side dish ! PRI_1210
Jungle Nuggets – Crispy Jalapeno poppers served with Salsa, Mayonnaise & Tarter sauce.  Juicy jalapeño on bottom, with a loaded centre and a parmesan crunch on top, once you try this way of baking jalapeño poppers you’ll never look back. You just cant have one. PRI_1207
Alfredo – Pasta with creamy cheese sauce, broccoli, sun dried tomato and fungi served with garlic bread.   Creamy and rich, yet never heavy, this Lighter Alfredo Pasta is an easy and satisfying comfort food. A decadent dish.PRI_1280


Chick pea falafel bao – Chick pea falafel bao served with Harissa, Hammus & Tzatziki dips.PRI_1243

Pak pak pakao strips – Crispy fried chicken served with Chef special dip. This fried chicken is coated with a layer of super light, extra crunchy craziness. A delicious item with a lovely seasoning mix to give you THE BEST. PRI_1251
Aglio Olio – Spaghetti tossed in olive oil, garlic and chili flakes served with garlic bread. A classic Italian comfort food. Mildly spicy spaghetti dish in rich garlic and olive oil sauce. A simple but incredibly tasty and fulfilling meal that you can enjoy anytime! PRI_1255
Purrfect pizza (Veg) – Olive, Bell Peppers, Asparagus. This flatbread-style whole wheat thin crust pizza is topped with extra virgin olive oil, asparagus, red pepper and goat cheese. PRI_1267PRI_1283

Purrfect pizza (Non Veg) – Chicken, Olive, Corn. Mouth is watering, pinned. The pizza topping sounds divine. Thin crust berbeque chicken pizza with fresh corn, onions and olives. PRI_1292PRI_1289

Cranberry ‘Pup’ sicle – Cranberry juice Orange lollyPRI_1233
Cuckoo gimlet – Cucumber Syrup, Lime, Mint & Soda.PRI_1219
Tarzan n Jane – Lime, Mint & Coke. PRI_1215Blue birds – Blue curaco, soda, lime, suhar syrup, ginger, mint. PRI_1222

Choco ‘Woof’ les – Waffles served with Ice Cream, chocolate syrup and Chocolate chips.PRI_1316PRI_1324
Gobble trouble – Warm chocolate walnut brownie served with rasmalai pearls. PRI_1297

Surprising little find that was WAY more than I expected it to be. It’s tiny and it looks like nothing from the outside.  And yet they’re nice people, the food is oddly fancy and gourmet, and far exceeded my expectations. Inexpensive too, comparatively to other places with upscale cafe menu.PRI_1322PRI_1396

An adorable cafe.
Delicious, Simple and sweet spot.
Kind service and clean area, they upkeep their shop well.

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