Steak Factory, Sarat Bose Road – Exclusive 1st Look

If you don’t like dark places and vintage seating, wallpaper, wood staining, etc,. this place is not for you.

Vegetarians beware – this is not the place for you.

It’s decor outside, it’s decor inside… you felt like you were walking onto some movie set. Old school has been used to describe this establishment, and that is a pretty good one. Part of me felt like I was in one part Tarantino Set and one part The Shining creepy bar – in a good way.  Very traditional old American steakhouse with comfortable seating. Classic table settings and fairly dark and dimly lit inside. Has a wonderful rustic vibe especially the bar area. The restaurant itself is beautiful, and not one detail has gone astray. The restaurant is kept clean and well maintained. The atmosphere was lively and intimate– not too loud, not too quiet and not pretentious mainly because of the lighting. Most of the seats in the middle are pretty dark that you cannot get a good picture of your food if you don’t use flash light. Especially it looks so small from the outside but you’ll be surprised once you enter! PRI_4296PRI_4300PRI_4304PRI_4310PRI_4318PRI_4332PRI_4345PRI_4348PRI_4349PRI_4357

Their menu is chock full of different cuts of steak, you start to feel like a Texan. Great service, great management and great food.

The dishes we had –

Fish Carnival – Grilled fish served on a bed of pasta ( spaghetti ). PRI_4423PRI_4429
Smoked Chicken & Mushroom Risotto – Smoked chicken and mushroom put together with cheese and rice. PRI_4451PRI_4456
Pot Roasted Mutton – Chunks of mutton cooked in brown onion mushroom sauce served with gnocchi and herb ricePRI_4470
Pork Chops – 300gms pork chop in rosemary sauce served with mashed potato and grilled veggiesPRI_4398PRI_4401PRI_4397
Churrasso with Chimmichurri – Paper thin tenderloin grilled , rolled and served with chimichurri sauce ( olive oil , mint leaves, garlic ) served with black beans and herb rice.PRI_4444
Crispy Fried Calamari – Squid rings batter fried and served with chilli mayo dipPRI_4384
Garlic Mozzarella Chicken Wings –  Chicken wings cooked in barbq sauce and baked with Mozzarella cheese served with fries. Baked with garlic and mozzarella. PRI_4432
BBQ Meat Pizza – Chicken and lamb grilled and topped with mozzarella cheese served on a thin crust pizza basePRI_4412PRI_4416
Fried Bacon Pizza – Pizza topped with chopped up crispy fried bacon. PRI_4442
Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream – The name says it all. A tender crust and a luscious apple filling. DSC_0273
Blue Berry Cheese Cake – A swirl of cheesecake and tangy blueberry compote take these gooey white chocolate blondies to the next level.DSC_0280

Sometimes the wait is a little annoying, and we’ve had them occasionally goof up something, but they always recover.

I knew this place would be good. I hoped it would be very good. It turned out to be a short drive on past excellent and heading for perfection. Food, drinks, service, atmosphere – you name it, they smashed it.

I will definitely return and recommend.

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