Aamar Kolkata Sobar Cafe

I am a big of a skeptical of good food and service. Cozy cafe and view, service is above average/great and have had a fun time every time we’ve been here. I would always recommend this for a good time if you want a non busy. This is one of our go-to spots near Dum Dum 7 Tanks area.

For those who’ve lived in and loved Calcutta – or Kolkata as it’s now known – feasting is an important part of life. Here we Bengali share their best memories of the city’s innumerable, incomparable eats.

This is a decent eatery to satisfy the appetite for Kolkata Street food, but nothing extra-ordinary to deserve the high rating (being a Bengali, I may have quite high standards for our cuisine). I guess due to the lack of other better options, this place has to satisfy our yearning of Kolkata Street food in the ambiance of Classic Kolkata. DSC_0343DSC_0344DSC_0345DSC_0346DSC_0368DSC_0370

The place is really small and there are a few tables. On the weekend nights, it gets filled up quite quickly and one may have to wait for a while before getting a table.

‘Aamar Kolkata Sobar Cafe’ is must try for those who want a truly Bengal experience. All non vegetarian Bengalis vouch for this place, for a vegetarian this helps you appreciate the uniqueness Bengali cuisine has to offer. I could eat ‘Fish Finger’ and ‘Mughlai Parota’ everyday for the rest of my life . It will give you a feeling of ‘Home Made’ food with a fantastic Kolkata Cafe flavor.

The dishes we had –

Chicken Cutlet – Crisp batter, perfectly seasoned, fresh-tasting chicken inside.DSC_0189

Chicken Lollipop – Tasty, a bit dry. Batter quality was not that good enough to pop up your taste buds.DSC_0192

Luchi Mangsho – This was the star. Roasted spices and perfectly cooked mutton with just the right amount of red oil seeping out. Kassa Mansho the sensitive point of Bengali Foodies. Luchi went really well with it to clean up the bowls above. The comfort food at its best. DSC_0260

Mughlai Paratha (Chicken) – Good, quite big, and rich full of required chicken. served with dry Potato gravy. One must try their Mughlai Paratha, just the best! Stuffed paratha with egg and chicken – fried goodness. Feels almost like chicken quesadilla minus the cheese component.DSC_0272DSC_0274

Sweet Lime Soda – Thrash the heat with a chilled glass of fresh lime soda. DSC_0306

So thank you Aamar Kolkata Sobar Cafe for a day off and awesome service! We will order again soon!

The food was not sequenced at all when it was brought out, and given how small the tables were, this proved to be highly inconvenient (they had a hard time fitting everything on the table).  Also, they were out of several things, including regular paratha (a typical complement to meat curries).

The setting is clean, cozy, and pleasant (Our music videos playing were kind of cool!

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  1. shoniessky says:

    Beauty in food!!


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