“Mama, I’m Coming Home”

Mamasan – Brand  Newcomer to the scene this place is proving itself to be one of the best Asian restaurants in south Kolkata, if not the absolute best. That’s a claim I make in all seriousness. It’s not hip, it’s not trendy, it doesn’t attract the cool crowd, but it’s laser focused on the one thing that matters: churning out STUNNING Asian cuisine.

Have come here on opening day, and there’s honestly nothing to fault them for — the food is flavorful and comes in large portions; service is friendly and attentive._PAR4234_PAR4236_PAR4265

I have discovered one of the most authentic full of passion in an orgasmic intimacy in it’s divine taste in flavors of the Asian cuisine I indeed enjoyed dining there and being able to indulge myself into their creative and unique mixing of herb spices full of aromas from the smell blended together of garlic, onion and the right touch to their savory dishes done to perfection and keeping the focus on to it consumers’ best interest when looking to explore and indulge themselves into a world of unexpected expectations to a breath taking experiences of enjoyment on a whole new level of the unknown.

Thai chicken salad with chilli and mint – Ithas incredible flavors – peanuts, mint, honey and lime. Topped with a delicious homemade dressing. Healthy and fresh. A nutritious and super delicious salad. _PAR4241

Som Tam Veg – Vegan Som Tam or Raw Papaya Salad is a very famous dish of Lao origin that is famous across South Asia. It combines raw shredded green papaya with all the best south-east Asian flavours: garlic, chilli, lime, peanut, palm sugar to make a bowl of pure zing that punches with sweet, sour, salt and heat in equal measure. We all loved it!_PAR4225

Asian BBQ Pork – A wonderful way to have pork, the chinese flavours are amazing. The meat is always so lovely and succulent.  It is the perfect main dish to serve at a party. Pork has a good flavor all on its own, honey and sugar have played a critical role here.  A perfect balance of Asian ingredients blended with classic BBQ flavor. par4259.jpg_PAR4261
Korean Gochujang and Soy Chicken – A deep-fried crispy chicken dish glazed in a sticky, sweet, and spicy sauce. It was absolutely delicious and gives you that nice charred glaze you are seeking._PAR4248_PAR4251

Hanoi Black Pepper Chicken – Spectacular Vietnamese specialty with intensely sweet and savory peppered chicken. I was struck by its bright flavor. The heavy dose of black pepper lends an edge to this chicken._PAR4307_PAR4308
Cambodian Fish with Chilli and Lime – This dish looks divine-you know I really haven’t had much Cambodian food at all come to think of it! Whether Chilli and Lime Fish is authentic or not, I can assure you that it makes for a perfect summer dinner._PAR4295_PAR4296
Balinese Sambhal Prawns – Every bite is bursting with the briny flavor of the prawn, complex flavor of fiery sambal, and a citrusy note of kaffir lime leaves. A fiery and piquant side dish often served as an accompaniment to perk up any rice meal. A must-try for the spicy food fan. _PAR4312_PAR4314
Nasi Goreng Shrimps – A tasty Indonesian fried rice dish, combining stir-fried vegetables and shrimp in a delicious sauce. Served as a main dish, uses fried egg, vegetables and prawns. An yellow and green light foods into your daily plan while keeping things delicious and good for the body. _PAR4303_PAR4305
Oriental Hakka Chicken Noodles – It is almost impossible to find them who doesn’t love chinese food, specially ‘Hakka noodles’. The most frequently ordered dish in any indo-chinese restaurant. A perfect one pot meals that can made your day._PAR4289_PAR4292
Darsaan with Ice Cream – Here’s a sensational sweet delight straight from China. A sweet dish, made by frying flat noodles in a honey sauce served with a scoop of ice cream. DSC_0115

A comfortable spot with a good selection of authentic dishes along with comfortable dining room! Spacious, comfy chair.

We were somewhat ambivalent at first but definitely a lot of bang for the buck. There are lots of things to try on the menu so I plan to come back multiple times in the future!

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