The Cozy Factory of New Alipore

Let me start off by saying that this update is long over due! My first few visits I definitely had an issue with the service but my how things have changed. I meant to update my review after the last 2 visits but after last night, I set a reminder in my phone to make sure I did it today!!

The food has never, ever been an issue, always on point; for some reason last night my food was better than I remembered.PRI_6823PRI_6825PRI_6826PRI_6828PRI_6829PRI_6830

Im always on the hunt for great fried chicken. And this spot  Has been on my list for a long time. Im so happy I FINALLY made it

The small QSR joint is cozy. Not too many table tops. And the music is great. Some cool 70s-90s jams. Was nice! But from what I could see it was still neat.  Great decor and ambiance.

Service was impeccable; It was attentive, friendly, polite- we didn’t have to wait for anything, he was on deck for us and honestly couldn’t have been better.

The dishes we had –

Spiced Nachos – Perfect for your next barbecue, this appetizer will serve a hungry crowd.  The key to ultimate nachos is the layering of flavors. For those of you who are afraid of spice, they aren’t overly spicy at all. The refried beans just give adequate amount of flavor to the dish.


Chicken Drumsticks –  The fried chicken drumstick is definitely a step up from some of the fried chicken places and the choices of dishes makes it so much better. At first glance the chicken wasn’t very impressive although a good sized portion, but when I bit it into it, I had an immediate change of heart, it was so hot that it steamed up my glasses, super most and flavorful. Literally made me think about memes about people who don’t flavor their chicken and had an epiphany that this is what real fried chicken should taste like.It was definitely more savory, but still good. Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. PRI_5559PRI_5553

Jumbo Chicken Burger  – This place has too many things going for it – the price is pocket friendly, the burger is one of the most filling burgers I have ever had (the patty tastes like unadulterated chicken, unlike McDonalds). Don’t be fooled by the size / price – order the jumbo burger only if you are really very hungry. After trying this, I thought my taste buds were going on an another adventure, so I was surprised when I took my first bite of wonderfully prepared burger and I basically inhaled the entire serving!

Oreo shake – No matter how you put Oreo Cookies and milk together, you know it’s going to be good. This cool, creamy, chocolaty treat is case in point.PRI_5569

Green Devil –  This Devil drink recipe will definitely release your inner demons and help satisfy your desires. A green colored mocktail made with red chilli, Mint and lime juice, and served in a chilled glass.PRI_5594

Chocolate Doughnuts – Topped with a delicious chocolate glaze and white creamy sauce ! Perfect for a sweet treat. Baked not fried, these cake doughnuts are generously glazed.PRI_5648PRI_5650

Overall I think this place is pretty good and I would come back the next time I am craving a chicken drumstick. So here I am. A poor soul walking into a little market place and running into this fancy hole in the wall.

Let me just say, it was stupendous! The portions were big and they did not lose the quality with doing so. I wish they would have more franchises all around Kolkata.

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