Traveling in K Local

This new avatar in town is going to raise the bar when it comes to a cool place to spend a quality time with your friends. The red brick and wooden interior is going to give you a whiff of the western culture but with a smack of Kolkatan flavour.

The yellow taxi waiting at the front door seemed to be waiting to take the diners to an appetizing ride. The coexistence of a cool hangout place and the romantic outdoor seating​ area is an extraordinary step to attract people with different occasional purposes.

Even when it comes to the menu, there is an array of delectable flavours​ across the world map – American, Continental and Asian. From sweet to savory every dish is prepared with immense compassion. In every bite your heart will feel the delirious happiness inside.

• Klocal Phuchka: The crunchy balls of magic burst inside your mouth rendering you speechless. The taste may stir up your weakness for this street food.

•Exotic Bullets: Crispy from the outside and juicy from the inside. A perfect blend of spiciness of exotic flavours and creaminess of the cheese.

•Bao: The exact amount of softness with a delightful proportion of fillings. It literally sprinkles​ a bunch of flavours into your taste buds.

•Kalighat kaa Lassi: this is something you have never tasted before. Something in the middle of a glass of conventional Lassi and an usual mocktail, this beauty is the showstopper.


K Local Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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