Zaareen – The Different Shades of Flavour

Since I happen to be a die hard Biryani fan, I couldn’t resist checking this place out. Let me just say if you really love Biryani and Lamb/Goat is your favorite meat then absolutely order from this joint! Their Biryani (just like their name) seems to be the most sold item in the menu as everyone talks about it! The blending of the spices with the spices is really intoxicating. If it has to be Biryani, it has to be from Zareen. Period. It has built its name for its famous biryani in just a few months, and it still maintains and features as one of top Biryani Serving delivery Joints in the city of Joy – Kolkata. Staff was polite, prompt and proficient. Even their kebabs are awesome. Biryani is prepared with the finest of the Basmati variety of rices, mixed with soft chicken/mutton, pieces of boiled egg and ensemble of condiments to make it taste like heaven. Hence, the name Zaareen justifies (itself) as it truly is a paradise for Biryani lovers and it certainly has a lot of shades. Definitely not Grey ! Now lets come to all of the shades.

The Dishes We Had – 

MAKHMALI PANEER KEBAB – I was hooked from the minute I tried paneer kebab and Made out of Indian Paneer marinated overnight in spices and grilled in tandoor. Comes with Humus and green chutni. These scrumptious and delicious Paneer Kebab make for a perfect snack for a rainy evening to accompany your Chai! Crisp exterior and succulent on the inside, this kebab is truly a foodie’s delight!


MAHI MIRCH KEBAB (VETKI) – Vetki Fish Marinated in thick red gravy and grilled in tandoor. Comes with Humus and green chutni. Fish kebabs are a fantastic way to make an impression without a huge amount of actual hard graft. Fish Kebabs are always a delight. Especially with the kind of rainy weather we are having now, this Mahi Mirch Kebab will be especially enjoyed as appetizers. While you sit at home and enjoy the refreshing showers, you can always have different types of fish kebabs with your cup of tea or coffee. Fingerlicking good, lemony and filled with flavor. This is an extremely popular dish from the northern part of India.DSC_0189DSC_0191

MURGH HARIYALI KEBAB – Boneless Chicken Marinated in green gravy with spinach, mint and vegetables and grilled in tandoor. Comes with Humus and green chutni. Hariyali Kebab is a famous Punjabi dhaba appetizer. Perfectly coated with mint and coriander flavor turns out to be green Chicken Kababs. Trust me, it tastes really good. We loved them a lot!! This super-succulent Hariyali kebab brings in the right amount of freshness with a tantalizing sensation to your taste bud after the overload of sweetness! DSC_0196DSC_0197

ZAAREEN SHAHI BIRYANI – One of Zaareen delicacies, combining 1 piece of chicken, 2 minced mutton balls, 1 egg and 1 potato prepared with Indian spices and Basmati rice. is an extremely popular non-vegetarian rice dish which is a quintessential delicacy from the Mughlai cuisine. This Shahi Nawabi Biryani will give you an immense pleasure of having with your family and friends. It is enriched with more flavors than the normal one ! The aroma of the Biriyani spreaded all over. Rice with the flavors of whole spices and yogurt, & richness of saffron adorning the juicy chicken and two spicey meat Balls. DSC_0214DSC_0217

PRAWN BIRYANI – One of Zaareen signatures, Jheenga Biryani or Prawn Biryani is a rich, intensely flavorful meal. Live life king size. Yes ! the King size Jumbo Prawn is certainly added a huge value to the dish ! Goodness of both seafood as well as the traditional flavours. An exotic biryani which will not cheat your taste buds. Infused gravy induce nice flavor to rice and makes the rice one of the best among the Biryani Preparation !

DSC_0066DSC_0059 (1)

This was probably the closest meal which had me pleasantly surprised! The kebabs were delicious! The tastiest blend of spices had my tastebuds in for a treat ! Overall it was a wonderful dinner experience and no doubt I’ll be ordering from there again!

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    Too yummy to resist


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