The Biryani Inc comes to North

I was craving some good Indian and had heard about the Biryani Inc., so when I realized it was so close to 10.30 at night, dinner was set. I ordered the Gosth Dum Biryani, while my friend had the Murg Biryani. We both enjoyed the phirni too. The hilarious part was, I wasn’t even that hungry, but two bites into the Chicken Chaap, and I was downing the entire dish like a hungry wolf. Definitely planning on ordering back here soon!

To give a brief background, Kolkata style Biryani is distinct from other varieties of Biryanis. This has emanated from the Awadhi style brought to Kolkata by Wajed Ali Shah during his exile. This Biriyani is subtly flavored with saffron, rose water and other fragrant spices. Plus it always comes with a huge boiled potato. It is far less spicy / strong in taste than the north or south Indian Biryanis.DSC_6996DSC_6997DSC_7002DSC_7003

Only a Bengalee can understand the importance of potato in Biryani. Was bursting with flavours. Mutton was tender and delicious.

Bengali style thick gravy with chicken legs, cooked in desi ghee with assorted spices, with a hint of kaju, magaj and poppy seeds. Chicken Chaap certainly is one of the famous chicken side available in almost all the Mughlai food joints in Kolkata and is mostly coupled with Mutton / Gosth Biryani. DSC_7004DSC_7006DSC_7011DSC_7012

OMG I could go on and on but I think it’s good to end it here before I go crazy and actually pull you here myself. Go and try this place out 🙂 You won’t be disappointed.

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