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Another one of my bookmarks taken off the list! Yes!  I’ve been meaning to come here since long. I’ve avoided writing a review of this place for years because I loved this place so much, I didn’t want a bunch of people clogging it up!

Its a decent place to grab some Continental food. A small café located near the Taltala ground close to South City Mall in the Jodhpur Park area previously located in Selimpur.

Everything around this establishment has changed but this restaurant has charmingly stayed the same.   Still the same good old waiter .  Same dependable menu.  Food is consistently good which I really really value.  Staff are so friendly, giving food recommendations, and attentive.

Where do I start, the food is, rich, flavorful and authentic, which is what I look for in ethnic foods. Drizzling outside and a slightest hint of upcoming winter season of Kolkata. I could eat everything on this menu no joke. The interior is clean and perfect for small hangout or especially a date.

Green Apple Mojito (Rs 150)  & Blue Killer (Rs 120)  –  Mojitos are a must to beat the heat of scorching summers. If you love apples, then this refreshing, light, and bubbly mojito is the perfect touch for a delicious journey.  The Blue Killer represents the essence of the Caribbean. Clear blue. Just one look at the mocktail and you will instantly feel the paradise ambience. Despite the mesmerizing blue-green color of this Mocktail,  its flavor is bright and citrusy,


Kit Kat Cappuccino (Rs 140)  – It’s the classic chocolate-lovers’ delight! Cappuccino with the signature KIT KAT crisp wafer, enrobed in a smooth and delicious milk.32

Brownie Shake (Rs 180) – You do not have to be mindful of sugar and carbs here, so not just any old chocolate will do. So before you launch into visions of licking brownie fudge off a spoon and drowning your sorrows in a large chocolatey milkshake, do not forget to click a picture of this drooling presentation. 11

Chicken Burger (Rs 120) – The burger was cooked so well.  The various were different, but so perfect. The fries could have used some salt but were hot when I got them. 1

Assorted Cheesy Platter (Rs 230) –  The glorious explosion of flavors was intoxicating!  I would definitely recommend this dish.  The dish seemed well crafted; great assortment and generous portion of cheeses! Cheese layer was light and the sausages, bacon  were succulent and perfectly baked. The portion size was very generous too. 79

Crispy Pork Belly (Rs 170) –  Really big Bellies! They definitely didn’t skimp out on you. They’re lightly breaded, so crispy on the outside, and moist inside. (which I love).  Everything on that plate was delicious. This Crispy Pork Belly is marinated in Asian flavors, then roasted with a salt crust for crispy skin and tender meat. Slow roasted for lunch or smothered with Chinese spice, perfectly cooked pork belly is always worth the wait. 8

Shepherd’s Pie (Rs 290) –  Shepherd’s Pie features all natural ground red meat and parsley, topped with freshly made organic mashed potatoes! Pie is a traditional English dish of mouth-watering minced meat topped with mashed potatoes that melts in your mouth, oven baked till golden brown and crispy. The meat layer at the bottom is specially seasoned and stir fried with onions, mixed vegetables and herbs. The mashed potatoes layer on top is crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. 10DSC_0094

Hawaiian Pizza (Rs 220) –  The small pizza was perfect size for one person. The waiter suggested that it is pretty small but I felt it was good enough for a person. I enjoyed every bite of the warm meting cheese infused with bacon and vegies on a thin crust.DSC_0184DSC_0173

I eat all sorts of ethnic food and after all we are in Kolkata but sometimes we have to travel or go great lengths to find authentic food.  You won’t be disappointed,  small cafe and a big deal. If you’re craving the British feeling and want to experience something that actually feels authentic, then this would be the spot for you.  A variety of priced dishes and even soup. Something for everyone, no matter what your wallet yields!

What more can I say? I wasn’t overly stuffed, but content. When there’s a good place, you want everyone to know so spread the word.

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