Power Lunch@Irish House

An experimentation with Power Lunch session concocted by a friend of mine was hugely successful !

Trying to get better about this whole blogging thing and could not think of a better place to start off on. 


Irish House, Kolkata exudes sexiness but in the most charming and classy way possible. The place has been nicely decorated with dark wood paneled interior, luxurious chocolate brown tufted bar counter, glossy wood tables and a neutral color scheme of reds and greens in wall. Elegant displays of geometric glass bottles lit up on bar counter turned the pub into more cozy one. 

Right away, I can say that the decor and vibe of the place is welcoming and classy with a hint of sexy. You won’t feel out of place here if you are dressed more casual, but it certainly might inspire you to up your game.


•Sangaria (White & Red Wine)


•Cottage Cheese Lasagne

•Creamy Assorted mushrooms Risotto

•Whole Wheat Pappardelle with roasted cherry tomato fondue, crapes basil

•Grilled cottage cheese with portofino sauce, stir fried brown rice and grilled veggies

•Grilled chicken with red wine jus and mushroom ragout spaghetti

•Lemon Spaghetti with assorted seafood

•Spiced Lamb sliders with homemade potato wedges

•Chicken Quesadillas


Service was superb! The waitstaff was attentive and always refilled our water glasses without us having to ask. The staff (from Hostess to Bartender to Wait staff) are all very friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. And they certainly add to the ambiance and decor in their own right. 

The Irish House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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