A perfect addition to the City of Joy

I remember the first time I ate at Krazzy for Waffle.  It was in a funky little space near South City Mall and was run by a couple.  While I’m thrilled with their success, I still miss my visits to that little space! They have started operating with their 3rd Outlet in this city of Kolkata in very short span of time. If you’re impatient or a claustrophobe, you probably wouldn’t like coming here because the place is tiny and gets cramped.

These guys deserve all the success they’ve had.  They clearly work hard, take care when hiring staff and know how to keep the quality consistent despite their growth.

One thing you won’t find at Krazzy for Waffle is attitude.  Everyone really is welcome and their staff treat people with respect and friendliness.

When your whole business is based on one thing – their quality waffles – it had better be good.  Well, here, it’s better than good.  The Original, all by itself, is a huge treat.  Crisp from the delicious pearl sugar, buttery, soft on the inside…  they are delicious.  In fact, despite the many options, this remains my absolute favorite.  

I could wax poetic about this waffle and it’s deliciousness all day but realistically I’m gonna take a nap. Do yourself a favor and try it for yourself. Till then have a look at the delicacies I tried.

Butterscotch Icecream Wafflewich –
The perfect way to start a slightly hungover day is with their
Butterscotch Icecream Wafflewich . You know you made the right choice immediately because you can smell the waffle cooking throughout the outlet and that’s before they serve it with Butter Scotch & Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

Ferrero Thunder Bubble Waffle –
This little tucked away kiosk has some good treats for your tummy. Chocolate Sauce, Ferrero Roucher, Hazenut Icecream & Whipped Cream. Comes out warm and you can really taste the rich ingredients.
This bubble waffle was on point though and it was a solid choice for dessert.

Nolen Gur Craving –
I’d describe this particular waffle as the epitome of instagrammable dessert.
This makes me believe in it. Not only does it look perfect, but it’s genuinely delicious and pretty well-priced for how much you’re getting. The warm crispy waffle (that isn’t overly sweet) presented with the cool Nalen Gur ice cream is a match made in heaven. Added Nalen Gur syrup and Sandesh were pretty icing on the cake.

I am completely content with my dessert and can’t wait to come back to try the other flavors! I also can’t wait to see what else they have in store in the future!  

Now, who said that dessert could not be a standalone meal encompassing all food groups? With wow-full stomachs, I disagree.

Krazzy For Waffle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Trueee!! Big bowl of waffle is love. There are 2 my most fav joint of waffles here in Ahmedabad Belgian Waffle and London Waffles. The new addition of bubble waffle is more delicious though.


    1. Yes ! It always take back to your comfort zone and happy go mood !


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