Chimney from the City of Prague

Indulge in street food of Prague – Savoury & Ice Cream Chimney Cones

Introducing Eastern India’s first ever Chimney Cone ! 

A newly opened Pure vegetarian joint located near Bhawanipur serving Chimney at just ₹99 along with Crepes & Shakes.

Life is tough when you are trying to diet but also try some Chimneys!
I’ve never heard of chimney cones, but I’m so glad I came across this place.

I noticed it few days back, so I’d been excited about the prospect of a new outlet in this location ever since the sign went up.

I admit, I stared through the glass door for likely longer than was appropriate wondering if they were open. They seemed to be working on something, until they noticed me staring. At which point, caught out, I walked in. As I was personally assisted by people who appeared to be two staff, a manager, it clicked – they were watching me as much as I was watching them. It was an exciting time for us all.

I have never had one of these before and so glad I was brought here by friends! The Chimneys come in 2 types – a regular which comes up with filling of Various Veg Options and another one which comes with Ice Cream filling !

The shop is adorable and had a modern feel to it.  It is brightly lit and welcoming store when you walk in the door.  My Insta friends would have a great time here getting some pics. They have great backdrops. Be sure to take your pictures quickly though before your ice cream melts.

Their Chimneys are made to order so you can see the dough and then watch them turn it into a Chimney and toast it up for you. It’s really cool and super fast. You can choose among tons of different toppings and combinations.
The dough was delicious, something I’d never had before.  It was firm but soft at the same time, just think of your taste treat melting in your mouth.

Schezwan Cottage Cheese –

Cajun Potato –

Cheese Blast –

MR Oreo –

Red Velvet –

Crepes –

A new found dessert love and a fancier upgraded version of your average ice cream cone dessert! When I first saw this, I was like wow it looks kind of cute and looks fun to eat! I must try! Lol and soon enough I had my very first one at a food truck festival! I have FINALLY been exposed to a new form of ice cream eating and that huge fad of chimneys!!! I know…I’m a late bloomer in many of these new fancy eats but better late than never!

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