Mezban Meherban

I’ve been here a few times and I’ve tried quite a few things, but my go-to orders here are Mutton biryani and Mutton Chap. Going to most non-fancy Indian restaurants, I know not to expect good service going in as it is usually average to sometimes downright terrible.dsc_0095dsc_0100dsc_0101

On my most recent experience with online order from here, I would say the food was average at best. The Mutton Chap lacked flavor and spice, which makes it pretty dull.

Now comes to Biryani. The Mutton was “fall off the bone tender” topped with rice, pictures below. Spicy sauce on side too. Wish I had a little more white rice to balance out the flavor. I didn’t really even have to use any excessive force to separate the Mutton. But rice was not flavourful at all and full of Dalda. It didn’t look appetizing (dry) & the Biryani wasn’t made with fresh spices. They use spice powders and don’t submerge/infuse the rice with the base during cooking probably.dsc_0104dsc_0105

This place was a go-to place for biryani. But recently the quality of biryani has decreased drastically.

This time it has failed to live up to my expectations.

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