The Sensual Saffron

We decided to come here on a whim one Monday night! We were only supposed to come for a quick appetizer but ended up with main course too. It’s at  Raja Basanta Roy Rd, lake Terrace, which is about a 5 min drive from Gariahat. dsc_0032dsc_0033dsc_0039dsc_0047dsc_0059

From the moment you walk through the door, you will see that they spare nothing in their attention to quality and the entire dining experience. Upon entering the restaurant we were very impressed. It’s very intimacy and cozy while still giving off a very trendy vibe. The music was great! We were seated immediately. The service was friendly and attentive, authentically eager to please. And the food was out off this world! dsc_0038dsc_0040dsc_0041dsc_0046dsc_0050dsc_0061dsc_0063

What an amazing experience! Venture from the house of Spice Kraft, where Chef owner Sambit Banik put his research and culinary skills to present us some amazing dishes. An exotic collection of very rare and unusual starters lost over time.” I think this hype might have gotten out of control with us because when the food finally arrived, it was mind blowing.  I still think this place is a 5 star, because between service, ambiance and food quality/flavor, this place hit everything spot on.  

We had – 

Litchi ke Kebab  (Nawabs of Lucknow) –  The little chunks of Litchis with a twist I never had before. I would so eat it every day for the rest of my life. The way this cuisine uses litchi in form of a kebab is the best in the business.dsc_0075dsc_0076

Paan aur Gosth ki Tutaak  (Nizams of Hyderabad) – My taste buds exploded with that rare combination of a sweet and spicy paan over lamb that was marinated, seasoned. The lamb itself was tender, flavorful, and cooked to perfection. The overall dish was spectacular with the presence of sweet dip. Even if lamb’s not your thing, I’d bet money that you’d still love this dish.dsc_0106dsc_0107dsc_0108


Orange and Sundried Tomato Murg Tikka  – Yesteryear kebabs from the Mughal kitchens get more amplified taste with addition of contemporary techniques, flavours and textures with Juicy Malta, tomato powder and Tzatziki. The cracker thing they bring out the chicken chunks with some kinda sauce is soooooo good! It’s a really complex flavor and has this super light texture so it entertains you without filling you up. 


Macchli aur Aam papd ki Kebab (Nawabs of Bhopal)   – That fish was the most flavorful fish I’ve ever had.  They knocked it out of the park there. Cooked up in a mango and ginger sauce. Pretty damn good if you like a sweet and spicy taste.  I can say that every morsel I put into my mouth was flavorful and delicious. 


Crab Meat ki Galawat   – Sunderban Crabs, Mathri, Cream Cheese. The cheese was very fresh and creamy. It was well prepared with good chunks of crab meat. Not too fatty and the sauce was subtly seasoned so that it complimented the crab, not overpowered it. The dish was absolutely delicious!!!


J.M.B.C  – Jama Masjid Butter Chicken. Old Delhi style Spring Chicken with clarified butter. It arrived at the table in form of a sizzler, and service guy pour the clarified butter on the Chicken chunks which was a nice touch. Grilled chicken chunks those were crisp on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside.  The sauce was some of the best I’ve had, and it really made the meal.  The masala was just spicy enough to leave a tinge on my tongue and some sweat on my brow but not overpower the taste. It was creamy and very flavorful as well. 


TST Special Pork Biryani  – Signature creation of Boneless Pork loins and juicy fat chucks in Fragrant Long – Grained Basmati Rice, Aromatic Spices, Yellow Strands of Best Saffron and Desi Ghee cooked to perfection over low heat and its trult treat to your sesnes. The pork is fall apart tender every time; honestly they make some of the most tender, juicy pork I’ve ever had, and it’s so perfectly seasoned and flavorful. It’s such a stark contrast to many other establishments where the restaurant served meat on the drier side to feel like I’m biting into anything other than the sauce it’s in. All of its components together made it a great meal that I will definitely crave again. 


Lucknow Dum BiryaniThis classic Mutton Biryani is said to have originated during the times of Nawab Asaf – Ud – Daula whose Rakabdars or Royal Cooks Mastered the Persian DUm Style of Slow cooking to create a perfect balance between Delicate flavours and Robust Taste. The Mutton was amazing with spices. It’s cooked perfectly and is not dry at all, it’s extremely juicy.  Medium spicy is a bit more than medium if you let the flavors of a biteful linger in your mouth for a bit before your next bite, but not escalating into “hot”. But the flavorful spices put a headlock on the aroma so they are not overwhelmed at all. A special pleasure and surprise was discovering this classic Mutton Biryani.


Nimish Lost recipe of Hand churned creamy milk froth. This is a light, set cream from Lucknow flavoured with saffron and rosewater – a typical sweet from the era of the Nawabs and their very inventive chefs. A simple and luscious creamdessert from the Awadhi cuisine of Uttar Pradesh. I held it in my mouth, puzzled and then surprised when it dissolved in a few seconds. The second and third spoonful were savored consciously, my mind registering the airy coolness of the foam, the grittiness of the chopped nuts and sugar, and the fleeting fragrance of saffron all in quick succession. 


Wine poached Khubani ka Meetha  – It is a traditional Hyderabadi dessert made from dried apricots.dsc_0295dsc_0297

What a gem! Some of the best Indian food we have had in a while. It was all wonderful food for a more than reasonable price, and I’m already planning on being a regular there. I sincerely hope everyone gives this place a chance because I want it to stick around for the foreseeable future.

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