Mango-Ficent Menu at RDB, Ballygunge

If you’re looking for a good Indian dine-in while traveling to South Kolkata, then RANG DE BASANTI DHABA is a great option. It’s just a slight diversion to get to the business address, from Ballygunge Circular Road and it’s worth all your time stopping over briefly, adding little more fun to your travel space and calming down your hungry belly.DSC_0410DSC_0405DSC_0404

Visited this roadside restaurant, featuring Mango – ficent Menu in the afternoon (around 2 pm) few days ago and if you ask me what I really enjoyed about this place?

– Super-Delicious & homestyle food
– Humble service
– Ethnic setting & perfect ambience to unwind (like Punjabi Dhaba’s in Indian Highways) – Add on Replica of Truck in entrance area
– Pricing, which is surely not a thunderbolt

The RANG DE BASANTI DHABA  is a large size restaurant with several rows of dining tables from the front to the back. Few rows are usually used for the large groups. Regarding the interior, I really enjoyed the several different shapes of very uniquely-shaped light bulbs here. These really set the nice mood and ambience to this establishment. The interior design (for the walls) is simple, Desi and low-budgeted here.

People managing the place were prompt in taking orders, intimated us (party of three) well about the overall cooking time that each item takes to be served. Appreciate their efficient service!

“Aam Now Keep Calm” – the month of May was dedicated to the King of Fruits Mango. RDB Management had handpicked the juciest mangoes and curated their Mango – Ficent menu.

Yeh To Baas Shuruat Hai – (Starters)

Its really only the start of the whole journey. “Picture abhi Baki hai mere Dost” !

Mango Malai Tikka – The subtle sourness of Mango make this Malai Tikka treat to eat ! This amazing Mango Chicken Malai Tikka will blow your senses away with beautiful aromatic flavours.DSC_0054DSC_0058DSC_0056DSC_0053

Himsagar Seekh Kebab –  Veg Seekh couple with Himsagar Mangoes, just yumm ! It is delicious and perfect for the party or as a snack.DSC_0045DSC_0048DSC_0052

Aam Ka Mamla Hai – (Main Course)

Once again, it’s really all about Comfort Food. South Indian touches all over. So much refreshing in this scorching summer.

Khatta Paneer Keri – This Tawa Paneer dish gets the sourness from Raw Mango paste. With a thin coating over paneer cubes it will definitely give you the x factor to your taste buds. It is a combination of sweet,sour and spicy dry gravy. It can be relished as a starter too though we had it as an accompaniment with Naan.DSC_0073DSC_0075DSC_0068DSC_0066
Andhra Style Mango Chicken Curry – Typically made with Totapari. The curry will spice you up for sure in this heat ! All the fans of mangoes and non-vegetarian dishes, this Mango Chicken Curry is a must try for you all. It gives an aromatic flavor because of all the spicy garam masala that goes into this andhra style chicken curry with punch of raw mango adding freshness. DSC_0085DSC_0087DSC_0076

Macchi Aam Sorshe – Fish curry from the Kitchen of Bengali household. Pure bliss for you to eat finger-licking Kolkata-style curries with a hint of South ! The spices used here tend to impart their own distinctive flavours. DSC_0065DSC_0059DSC_0063

Aam Abhi Baki Hai – (Dessert)

Mango Phirni – DSC_0109DSC_0108

Aam Peena – (Drinks)

Mango Lassi DSC_0039DSC_0042

Along with all these limited time menu you will certainly enjoy there Basanti Goli Soda (Beverages) with four types of flavour. Soda Shikanji, Narangi Soda, Fresh Lime Mix and Bhayankar Thanda Cola.

Dont worry, there is nothing Bhayankar about any of these. Each and every flavour will make u refresh in this hot and humid weather. Go out and eat out in the tune of Basanti ! DSC_0025DSC_0023

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