Nothing HARD about it ! It’s FAV !

As the adage goes, “What a difference a day makes”.  This time – “What a difference a place makes”…! I restored my faith that this restaurant chain is worth visiting, playing at & most definitely… Dining at…!

HR Cafe is well in proximity to Park Street and boast as a prime tourist attraction.
Very busy establishment, with reasonable wait time.IMG_20190521_133410
Displayed novelties and historical artifacts are evident. The establishment is clean, noise levels are loud and wait time for meals fair considering the size of the restaurant. This is a very touristy spot. They have plenty of photo opportunities and scenery. An instragramers ideal spot. I am a huge grunge fan, so a day to Park Street wouldn’t be complete without stopping here and partaking in the Nirvana artifacts. So, for me, this place would get a 5 out of 5 for the building alone. We spent close to an hour looking at everything and save the memories. I’m not going to lie, I have a soft spot in my heart for these older Hard Rock Cafes.  They are bigger, stuffed to the brim with tons of rock memorabilia and feel like they have more character. And the building itself was really well designed. The music photos and objects all had good descriptions for non music fans to know what you are seeing.   This location is the newest operating in India I guess and it is firing on all cylinders. it’s airy, open and it doesn’t matter where you are seated, you have a great view of the stage on those Rock & Roll nights…! DSC_0148DSC_0150DSC_0151


Service – We were greeted by a fabulous server.  She was upbeat, friendly, professional and welcoming.  If you’re at the restaurant make sure to ask for her ’cause she’s absolutely on top of her game.  She knew the menu inside and out; and when asked for food suggestions, she knew them all and was able to describe the dishes with the outmost detail.  Trust me when I tell you – the menu is extensive so if your server knows it inside and out, that’s pretty impressive.

Manager – We were able to meet Mr. Mrinal Kanti Ghosh,  the Sales Manger.  He was gracious and a delight to meet.  We met him by chance since my fellow friend wanted some dips for his fries.  Once he brought him some, he made sure that we did not want for anything.  We told him that we had visited earlier this Hard Rock restaurant and in between and we were incredible pleased with not only the food but the service and ambiance.  What a proud feeling he must of had that his restaurant was recognized as one of the top notched ones from this restaurant chain.  Kudos Mr. Ghosh and keep up the good work…it won’t go unnoticed…!  And how can I forget Chef Snehasish Ghosh who is working hard all day behind the scene to treat us World Class Food ? It’s time to have some food !DSC_0240

Food – Everything in this menu seems super sized and you can forget about your Keto, Atkins or Weight Watchers diets just this once.  Everything  we saw being served to the tables around us not only had a perfect presentation but an aroma that tantalized the senses.  It was definitely a foodie heaven type of afternoon and my gluttony self wanted to try everything is sight…!  We ordered Burgers and Sliders from the locally crafted globally inspired Menu Valid till 30th June 2019.
The burgers are made in-house with different types of meats that when mixed together, it creates these unbelievable and smokey flavors.  This burger is steak blended with the signature spices and topped with shoestring onions, tomatoes along with smoked bacon and cheese and rich mayonnaise are added. Yes…it sounds heart-clogging and not suggested if you need to visit your cardiologist the next day; but as a “what the heck…it’s almost Summer” treat, it’s definitely the burger to order.  Tex – Mex “Taco” Burger – Burger laced with chipotle aioli, topped with chesse, pico de gallo, guacamole and crunchy corn tortilla strips. Served with a side of fries. So yummy. It’s a huge burger. DSC_0243DSC_0247DSC_0248DSC_0249

We also tried Tango salsa slider, Kastu chicken slider, Southern barbecue slider, Whiskey bacon jam slider from the limited time Burgers and Slider Menu.

Tango salsa slider – Three Smoking Chipotle Cottage Cheese Sliders, with spicy bean mix, crispy green apple slice & tango tomato salsa. Perfect for Vegetarian like our Bikash Ji. Served with a side of fries as well. The presentation was so appetizing looking and displayed everything perfectly. DSC_0125DSC_0166


Kastu chicken slider – Golden panko crusted Chicken sliders, laced with tonkatsu sauce, sambal mayo and seven spiced slaw. I don’t know how they get the chicken to taste so good, it was awesome.  And perfectly cooked to my liking.  DSC_0141


Southern barbecue slider – Three pulled chicken sliders with cheddar cheese, tangy barbecue sauce, crisp fried Jalapeno and onion frizzle. One of my favourite from the collection ! The chicken was very tender and juicy, and the tangy barbeque was mildly flavoured and not overbearing. DSC_0236DSC_0238DSC_0239

Whiskey bacon jam slider – The God of all sliders is here ! Three Burger sliders topped with Cheese, Bacon whisky Jam and golden fried onion ring. Are you already feeling Hungry ? There is enough reason to be so. Bursting with flavor and making my mouth water just thinking about it! DSC_0200DSC_0202DSC_0234

Drinks – The Drinks menu includes Sparkling Blue Hawaiian, Summer Peach Sangria, Strawberry Mojito, Peach Paddy O’Pounder, Pineapple Lemonade and Cookies Cream Milkshake.

We tried Sparkling Blue Hawaiian, Strawberry Mojito and Pineapple Lemonade and at the end brand new Carlsberg Smooth.  DSC_0107DSC_0146DSC_0195DSC_0219

Who doesn’t love the Hard Rock Cafes? The decorum is both trendy and retro at the same time. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just trust me when I say “you’d have to be there”. Alright, let’s do the list.. The Hard Rock Cafe is known for its collection of Rock and Roll memorabilia. They solicit donations of music memorabilia but also purchase a number of items at auctions around the world, including autographed guitars, costumes from world tours and rare photographs. And here’s a fun fact, the Hard Rock’s possess over 80,000 items! There’s so much history in these restaurant chains making it the largest private collection of Rock and Roll memorabilia in the world.

This turned out to be the perfect place to start the evening and I would recommend going here again for appetizers and drinks to start out a fun night downtown. Everyone here is basically in for a good time so the servers make sure you are entertained and keep the drinks coming. Everything we ate was delicious and overall, it was fun eating here.JDSC_0249

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