The Fascinating Fenicia

Your white-sequined summer gown glistens in the summer sunset
You’re glowing – gold, pink, orange…reflecting the impending dusk
Your hair is in a loose up-do, with an errant piece wandering down your shoulders,
almost as if it’s seeking to caress your gold back necklace
You’re surrounded by your equally fascinating friend
You chatter about celebrity gossip that hasn’t yet hit the tabloids
You whisper about so-and-so’s new affair, your last Laser Ray Treatment.

In an almost unholy contrast, you’re seated on a luxury cosy seating, but you’re not bothered by anything around, because you’re at Club Fenicia – one of Kolkata’s newest and swankiest joints.

28,000 square feet of spectacular single level – indoor and outdoor. Just wish it was November so I could’ve sat outside and enjoyed it.

They offer “igloos” at the rooftop bar which are see-through heated teepees/ tents with seating and bar service. We popped in Friday night after dinner to check the place out. Really interesting concept!

Lots of couches, stylish interior, chic décor! Perfect for parties! Club Fenicia is Asia’s largest outdoor rooftop and fully enclosed Luxe Lounge, a complete floor.

This rooftop is definitely as swanky as the others we had been to in Kolkata. The view is breath taking, the rooftop has lights strung that make the ambience really nice and a bit romantic. It’s a fancy lounge where people want to be seen. The space is super cozy, both inside and on the rooftop, with couch-like seating and sofa lining the walls. The space could definitely be used differently to fit more people BUT I honestly appreciate the way they’ve done it so it doesn’t get insanely overcrowded. This really makes the experience 10x better because you don’t have people hovering over you the entire night.

I had heard this could be a good spot to watch the sunset on the roof but I didn’t know it was on top of the Godrej Waterside Building until I reached the location. Surrounded by various bars, pubs and restaurants downstairs, the place is already crowded most of time throughout the day specially in the evening! Absolutely gorgeous upscale spot. City of Joy needs more of these types of venues.

It was not so busy when we arrived, and we two were seated immediately. We were greeted at the entrance just off the elevator. I enjoyed the comfortable lounge chairs. The view is wonderful, and I’m sure that we would have sat outside if weather had permitted.

The drink list is creative and modern. I am highly intrigued by mixology and craft cocktails and so spent a good deal of time studying the menu–not out of uncertainty but out of curiosity. But Liquor is yet to be added to the Menu, so had to go ahead with some refreshing non-alcoholic drinks as suggested by the staff. I surprisingly had a fantastic drink. Seriously loved it. I thought I’d get some watered down, sugary, overpriced drink. But no, I had delicious, well prepared drinks !



The food knocked our socks off. Great flavors, great side dishes, just too hot. As for the food, they spend a little extra time on presentation by adding dressed up fruits or veggies to the plates.  Creative and imaginative.  The Indian and Continental cuisines were excellent as well.DSC_0356DSC_0360DSC_0400DSC_0403DSC_1765DSC_1766DSC_1946DSC_1950DSC_1972DSC_1989DSC_2037DSC_2057



The servers were very friendly, attentive, and fairly knowledgeable of the menu, which had just started its operation few days ago. I imagine that knowing fluently a new menu with many obscure and unusual, although intriguing, ingredients might be challenging on its early days of operation. PICKY EATERS, ADVENTUROUS EATERS, WHATEVER YOUR YOU PREFER TO TASTE – THEY HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU.

Thanks Suman Chakraborty for the opportunity to play at 28000 Sq Ft !

Thanks Executive Chef Soumendra Nath Mondal
Thanks Master Chef Prantush Rai
Thanks Chef Chandan Kumar Das
Thanks Chef Biplab Das
Thanks Chef Debopom Sinha

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