Zabardast Zaairah !!

I went to Zaairah with a fair amount of hesitation – as someone who eats a very omnivorous diet, I had my skepticism about what would come from a Pure Veg restaurant. I’m happy to say, however, that all of my fears were assuaged ! Delicious even for omnivores; you won’t miss meat!!

It was really dimly light and had an intimate classy feel to it. This is one of the finest Veg  restaurants of the city. It is located in a fine neighborhood, their food is unique and special (some of the plates are even artistic), their service is good and the place has a very quite, romantic ambiance. It has two floors so there is plenty of space however it still makes you feel comfy at the same time. Comfortable chairs and nice decorations. Simple.

No need to write a long essay for Zaairah. If you’re reading this review, please note that It’s everything a veg diner could hope for. Their dishes are innovative, savory, complex in flavors and elegantly presented. This might get a little mushy, but I have nothing but good things to say about this restaurant. It is the best fusion of Indian and modern cuisine I have ever experienced in Veg!

Pictures speak louder than words so look below to get a taste of the magic – All  the dishes labeled here are part of Newly launched Menu. All the dishes were great so you can’t go wrong with any choice.

Pineapple BlossomDSC_0014
Zaairah Sunshine    DSC_0040_

Crispy Fried Paneer Tikka – Fusion tandoori style marinated paneer tikka deep fried topped cheese salsa. Our delight was so visible that the server brought us seconds, then even asked for thirds.


Deli Wali Tikki – Combination of potato and cottage rubbed with Indian spices, panseared topped with hung yogurt salsa. So soft and buttery. This dish was airy light with the hint of spice which is not overpowering so you definitely want it in every bite.DSC_0026DSC_0025

Dhabe Wali Chat – Deep fried noodles & wanton strips tossed spicy and tangy sauceDSC_0010

Malai Broccoli – Blanched broccoli coated with hung curd cheese and secrets spices. The entree was good, but nothing spectacular and I thought that the strawberry sauce tasted too sweet, which isn’t necessarily bad but nothing novel either.DSC_0050DSC_0047

Zaairah House Salad – Healthy and delicious!!! Seasonal fruits, honey, EVO, Seeds and nuts. In terms of flavors, this House Salad hits the mark, refusing to shy away from the bold and bright flavors of  dry pepper. As a meat eater the toughest task for Me a veg salad is replacing those well-known textures and flavors which I die for every day. DSC_0061DSC_0064

Mac n Cheese – Macroni pasta mixed with 5 types imported cheese, well baked. You could drive past this place 100 times and never stop. But don’t miss it!! Incredible cheesy Mac & Cheese. Definitely worth the trip up to ZaairahDSC_0075DSC_0076

Pindi Channa – Slow cooked chickpea in chopped onion and tomato finished with cumin, amchur, flavor of chat masala and touched lemon juice. I was surprised to find that the Channa was deeply fried. It was nonetheless delicious. DSC_0085DSC_0106

Palak Paneer – Cottage cheese cube cooked in rich creamy spinach paste and cashew gravy. Delicious! Creamy and just perfect. DSC_0115.JPG

Dal Makhni – Simmered black lentils with home style spices add on with cream & butter. DSC_0109DSC_0110

Kadai Sabzi Pulao – Fusion pulao tossed with vegetable finished with kadai masalaDSC_0101DSC_0103


Laccha paranthaDSC_0078

Chocolate Truffle – Don’t be fooled by the picture! The real deal is inside. DSC_0087DSC_0089

The food here is remarkably delicious. Not too greasy or heavy. Fantastic experience from top to bottom! Our server Anthony was helpful, unobtrusive, had great recommendations and anticipated our every need. And the food…!!!! Oh my goodness!!!

Everything about Zaairah deserves the highest ratings one can give on any review platform. It’s a pleasure to dine here whenever we think Veg and worth every penny. Delicious – subtle flavors, just the right amount of spice and an incredible richness. Seriously recommended – no matter how high your expectations, you will not be disappointed!

Thanks Executive Chef Prasanta Saha for the invitation !
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