Bombay Toastee – Street Style Comfort Food

From the streets of Bombay, straight to heart of Kolkata. The City of Joy now has an one more tastiest and most affordable and hygienic street food within your reach !

IMG_20190724_191433Delicious Indian street food, wonderful QSR outlet at South City Mall food court ! The food is flavorful and peppered with authentic spices.

Bombay Toastee  brings street foods under organised QSR and serves toasts, Sandwiches, noodles, rolls, burger, fries and obviously Handi Biriyani !

On my first visit, I went with four adventurous friends, so we ordered –

Masala Nimbu Paani – The Indian Lemonade for you ! DSC_0190
Cucumber Cooler – Delicious with a very fragrantly heavy taste of Cucumber. This was absolutely amazing and refreshing to drink! DSC_0189

Toofani Tangri Kebab – When I order this dish elsewhere I’m sometimes met with a level of spice that’s way off from what I want-either too bland or over-the-top, makes my eyes water spicy. The level of heat I received was perfect to my taste and the chicken was very flavorful and well seasoned. Very juicy and tender. We were skeptical but ordered based off our server’s recommendations and were not disappointed, served with mint sauce and laccha Onions.



Keema Pav – Spiced Minced Mutton sliders. This item is all over Indian Street !  The dish came with two fluffy buttery grilled bun that’s soft on the outside and crispy on the inside was divine! The Minced Mutton was cooked and spiced very well with a touch of sourness in it and it was definitely a filling appetizer. Served with Mint Sauce, Diced Tomato and Onions.DSC_0184DSC_0185DSC_0186_
Chatpata Chicken Sandwich –  Very nice. Came out super fast. The breads were perfectly crunchy and not greasy.  Light and crispy with no perceptible oil. The inside were fresh Chicken that were delight in every bite. The chicken sandwich really did surprise me with its fluffy and moist grilled bread and well-seasoned fried chicken in filling. And that’s not even the best part of it. It’s the gravy that gives this 5 stars! It got this weird, mashed-chicken-like texture and flavor that I just love so much! DSC_0197DSC_0198DSC_0200

Tandoori Fries – Often times you are looking to eat and sometimes you are in the mood for french fries. Like a waterfall in your mouth you just can’t resist this item. If you are craving some french fries but not sure what kind then this item will definitely fulfill your desire. Fries are thick-cut and this is the key to double-fried. Served in a paper envelope with the Tomato Ketchup. The fries have an addictive riot of textures: soft and fluffy on the inside, surrounded by a crunchy, greaselezs crust and some irresistible Chili sprinkles. DSC_0193DSC_0194
Chicken Handi Dum Biriyani – I have a feeling that all their biriyanis are packed full of flavor, spices to get the feel and flavour of Street Food. There were chunks of soft, tender chicken and the rice was seasoned just right (I even ate all the chunks of cardamom/whatever was littered throughout the rice). The biryani also did not taste heavy or oily, as many biryanis do. The heat of this dish might be overbearing for anyone who is sensitive to spice, but it’s well tempered. (They also served it with Raita, which definitely helps)DSC_0201DSC_0216

Don’t get this option if you don’t like spicy because it’s spicy and I love spicy, but even for me it was teetering along the lines of taste and enjoyable. The food ranges in spice but certain dishes are definitely spicy, even for me, and I’m Indian. But my spice tolerance has probably more than any of my friends in circle. So…bottom line, go here & have a bite of Bombay !!

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