Journey to Jaisalmer

I’m very familiar with the RDB, Sec V area and its places offering pretty much the same at pretty much the same prices. They’re all decent enough for the money, though service can be a bit hit and miss.

Anyway, I had a few hours to kill so thought I’d wander a bit further down the street and see if there was a more up market option. I have to say that Jaislamer looks good from the outside and seems well cared for inside. Situated at podium level of Gobsyn Crystals.DSC_0229DSC_0232

I’ll add that there is an upstairs option too if it seems full in downstairs, don’t despair. There is likely still plenty of room. DSC_0191


DSC_0180Very authentic feeling Indian restaurant. The decor gives an authentic vibe with the Golden walls and various Rajasthani Installations . Huge area with almost 100 covers in level 1 to dine in. They also have more seating space upstairs along with few PDR in both levels. DSC_0199DSC_0209DSC_0212DSC_0215DSC_0218

The Bar is placed very left in the entrance. It would be hard to not order a glass of drinks or cocktail to add in to your meal. Anyway, the waiter was exceptionally friendly and polite throughout. He noticed the little things, didn’t push, was always there if something was needed and didn’t engage in chit chat despite the place being close to empty (admittedly it was around 4.00 pm, so often the dead zone!) He effortlessly earned his decent appraisal.

Laziz Paneer Tikka – Cottage Cheese flavoured with cream, royal cumkin
& green cardamom cooked in charcoal. Paneer Tikka was mild, unique and delicious.  I will definitely be ordering it during my next meal here though I am not that fond enough Veg dishes.DSC_0276DSC_0277

Hara Bhara Kebab – A traditional kebab blend of peas, spinach, coriander with mash potato. Was good, not great. Would probably pass on this dish if I came again.DSC_0284DSC_0285

Chicken Lasooni Kebab – Chicken preparation with garlic, cooked in charcoal. They were full of flavor and then came with this herb sauce that made it even better.  I could eat those once a week easily!   It has a good amount of garlic which is my favorite part.  It wasn’t spicy to cover up blandness but just enhanced all the ingredients.  The sauce was AMAZING. The chicken also was cooked wonderfully and fell off the bone. DSC_0302DSC_0311

Chicken Malai Kebab – Boneless chicken marinated with juicy mixture of curd, cream, cashew nuts & spices.  This was pretty awesome and super flavourful. Deliciously cheesy and soft. The spices marinated in the meat perfecto with an abundance amount of sauce.


Mahi Irani Tikka  – Fish marinated with ginger & garlic paste, assortment of herbs, spices & cooked in charcoal. Delicious. The fish was juicy and tender and the sauce was rich and creamy. I wish it had a little bit more spice.DSC_0293DSC_0295DSC_0296

Green on the Floor –DSC_0266

Watermelon Mojito – DSC_0325

Frozen Margarita – DSC_0330

Apple Frezel – DSC_0359

Pomegranate Martini – DSC_0327

Long Island Ice Tea – DSC_0340

Kitkat Coffee Rocks – DSC_0323

Special Mutton Biryani – Jaisalmer special …The Dum Biriyani is served piping hot and being engulfed in the aroma. The rice was cooked to perfection and the Mutton pieces was extremely tender. It feels more special when u can see two succulent pieces of Mutton looking towards you to enjoy ! DSC_0346DSC_0348

Chicken Sultani Masala – Renowned North Indian chicken suffing with mutton keema. This was amazing! I could eat it on a regular basis, it honestly didn’t even need the Biryani but it just added something even more special to the table and I really enjoyed it with nice fluffy Naan !DSC_0384DSC_0385DSC_0387

Butter Murgh – With bone chicken grilled and tossed in a creamy tomato onion gravy base made with plenty of butter. It was a little sweet with no heat.  I actually liked it.  It was different but very good.  The chicken was very tender and the sauce had a wonderful flavor and consistency. DSC_0350DSC_0351DSC_0354

Caramel Custard – We ended up getting the Caramel Custard with a cherry and mint leaf on top to give it a beautiful looks. Hard to decide whether to eat or click. (SALTY CARAMEL HEAVEN is TO DIE FOR) But after two bites was wishing if would had got some more. It didn’t taste strong in flavor and the presentation which was great for texture. DSC_0356
Great service, great food, nice restaurant. Seriously a great meal with some Cocktails.  I would easily recommend and if I lived anywhere in the vicinity I would be there often.

The menu is comprehensive but not over the top. There are a number of everyday ‘Indian’ dishes and a few more interesting variations. Probably there’s something for everyone. Note, being that the place is busy and knowing how we love our Indian food, well that bodes pretty well for the place.
The food is prepared with precision and the flavors are distinctive.

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