It’s Celebration time !


“Every day is a good day. There is something to learn, care and celebrate.”

All it takes is a little planning and some excellent food to make any day of your life turned into a perfect setting for celebration. Adding some cakes from newly introduced Celebration menu of Mio Amore never gonna harm your planning. Something fancier than the average cakes would always make it special.

Strawberry Fantasy – ₹ 550/-  It is a unique one of a kind cake which has has multiple layers of rich strawberry and vanilla with strawberry jelly layer and raspberries on top. Celebrate any day with a flavor like Strawberry is the best thing for many. This enticing and buttery cake is the ultimate dessert to heavenize your dessert cravings with its deliciously gooey sponginess. Looks ? Pictures will give you the best story. 

Mishtisukh – ₹ 15/- – Any Bengali celebration is not complete without Misti Mukh (Sweet)
Chicken Internet – ₹ 32/- – The evergreen and most shout out item of Mio Amore ! DSC_1755

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  1. Rahul Dasgupta says:

    My name is Rahul Dasgupta and I have recently started a home kitchen named Mughal times in baguiati area..
    So it would be a great thing if you can visit my place and review it..
    Please let me know if it is possible anytime soon..
    Contact no. 8420864302


    1. Text you lot of times. But no response !


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