Kolkata Restro opens its door at Bangur

Loved the vibe of this place, we were visiting in group and in search of a traditional Multi-cuisine restaurant in Budget pricing  for our lunch at Bangur. Even though it was mid afternoon already on a weekday, the place was still hustling and bustling full of customers. Ample station parking and also street metered parking. Everything went quickly though, we were sitting and eating our meal after a shorter than expected wait.



We were greeted at the door and they pointed to the table. You first enter and feel that it is both casual and reasonably lively and Family friendly. A rustic cafe feel but really well done so you just feel comfortable at a light casual place to meet for a quick bites or a full meal.


Golden Fried Prawn –  Crispy and well packed with filling, amazing crispiness along with the spice. These were really juicy with good flavor and fresh prawns, but the coating was a bit thick. Served with tomato ketchup deep.  DSC_1809DSC_1812DSC_1819

Fried Fish – The pan fried fish was crispy, however there were  few little burnt ends with few pieces on one side,  it was easily overlooked because everything still came out tasty. It was better than average, with delicate spicing. DSC_1822DSC_1823DSC_1825

Chilli Lamb Dry – A nice firm texture with lots of flavour. The lamb looked good and wasn’t too dry with a substantial meaty filling. This is so delicious with the heat from the pepper and numbing tingling sensation from the numbing peppers. This is usually not as spicy as they look. DSC_1816DSC_1818DSC_1820

Mixed Rice – This was lovely, not the super salty, over soy-sauced rice you get at lots of Chinese places, this was a moist white rice with egg, Chicken, Shrimps and spring onion.  DSC_1828DSC_1829DSC_1830

Hunan Chicken – The chicken was succulent, served with screamingly hot gravy. The gravy a touch on the sweeter side and the portion was ample. DSC_1845DSC_1851

Tangri Butter Masala – The old Delhi style Chicken is not like your typical neighborhood curry joint.  They mastered the balancing act with ingredients to perfect a Tangri butter masala sauce that isn’t overly sweet or spicy. Two nice pieces of well cooked tangri with a fresh and plentiful sauce witch adds some spice to the dish but perfectly complimentsDSC_1833DSC_1836DSC_1838

Keema Pulao – It was infused with a special blend of spices and different to just plain or pilau rice as full of flavour and different to anything I have had which is a good thing when it comes to food. Also comes with an Boneless Mutton small chunks not exactly Keema in the sense and a large portion, I had not eaten the whole day and this filled me up.



Add On : They will welcome you with our complimentary welcome drink.
And guess what, your dessert is on them too! DSC_0164DSC_0165

I enjoyed the service and feel and the wide selection of food options will keep everyone happy. Also you are given options you don’t see in all multi – cuisine restaurants in this budget which is a bonus so you can get to try some new dishes. Nothing however was overly spiced and some dishes maybe could have been a little more adventurous but i would still say a great easy on the pallet lunch with great portion sizes so you don’t have to have dinner.  A great location and with good service and nice decor this is a pleasant place to have a great meal. Reasonably priced having a number of different dishes means there will be something for everyone, young and old.

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