Mumbai Monsoon arrives in Kolkata

A Rainy day in Mumbai is perfect for Street food. It has massive fan following given the diverse range of dishes one can feast on. 

It was raining cats and dogs yesterday in Kolkata !  It seemed dull and gloomy. Most of the time, the sky was not seen clearly. I was pretty unsure about the Dinner looking after the sky !

I have been wanting to go outside and work but it rained all day yesterday. It was raining this morning. It was raining at lunchtime and it was raining at mid-afternoon so I never did get the pending work done.DSC_0449

Still, i did not able to leave my love for food when it was all about Dinner followed by a late night Movie with BFF. Mumbaiya Monsoon Festival has started at all outlets of Rang De Basanti Dhaba.  Frankly speaking I had never been to Mumbai. So could not resist the opportunity of Tasting Mumbai Monsoon special street Food sitting here in Kolkata ! I saved my flight fare ! RIight ? We opted for the Diamond Plaza Branch !DSC_0312

Why this Branch ? Late night movie at 11 pm at PVR was the reason ! Super 30 ! Failed in previous attempts to watch this movie but not this time !

It was around 7.30 in the evening ! Only few customers were there ! We chose the corner seat in the left panel  to place my bags and seat comfortably ! I was already feeling much hungry inside ! It was my first visit to this particular branch ! The signature Tractor in the entrance area ! A bright yellow colour all around will certainly made me forget about the gloomy sultry day !DSC_0314DSC_0322DSC_0326DSC_0354

This place has good setup, from it’s entrance, it’s Interiors, the wall decor giving you chilling scenes. Really impressive interiors done here. You get a lively effect as soon as you enter inside. Good music being played. its ambiance is beautiful with some bright yellowish lighting and lamps on the wall. Its Decor is rustic as ususal with colourful comfortable cushion with some of the funny quotes and yesteryear’s advertisement on the wall . The place is big enough for hosting large groups and families. Offering some of the best meat dishes in Budget pricing you can eat your heart out and still save money. We had come to this restaurant with a lot of expectations. The restaurant did not fail to fulfil the expectations as there are several dishes to choose from. No one can return home in sad state of mind.DSC_0315DSC_0316DSC_0318DSC_0321DSC_0324DSC_0327DSC_0328DSC_0329DSC_0331DSC_0332DSC_0338DSC_0339DSC_0340DSC_0345DSC_0346DSC_0347DSC_0351DSC_0358DSC_0359DSC_0362


We have enough about ambiance. Let’s concentrate on the the seasonal Menu which was there on offering !

Chowpatty Pav Bhaji – DSC_0393


DSC_0424Something you can’t miss on Juhu Beach ! Even when I am a thousand miles away from Mumbai, I was really looking forward to start our dinner on a sweet note. Vada Pav is arguably Mumbai’s (if not Maharashtra’s) most popular snack. Veg Bhaji with soft white bread (pav) served with well-made pickles just adds the right balance of flavors to this Desi Burger. A cube of melting butter in top of Bhaji was certainly made us feel for that ! The sauce is both sweet, and spicy with a dynamic rich blend of unidentifiable spices. There is no way that the flavor can be articulated into words, it must be experienced on its own.

Borivali Keema Pav –DSC_0388DSC_0408



People of Borivali pledge by this dish ! One of the most delicious street foods of Mumbai.  The Keema pav is scrumptious and minced meat-filled with yumminess. It is spicy and tangy, with a fresh lemon squeeze and shredded coriander as garnish. The pav toasted in butter, is crunchy on the edges remain soft and packed with flavor. Cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, ginger-garlic, onions and fragrant ground spices, served with lightly toasted & buttered buns will certainly make you craving for more. There are numerous flavours you would be come across with this typical Mumbai wala Keema Pav. Spices, the heat from the chilli, the sourness from the lime, the earthy flavour of corainder to name a few.

Mumbaiya Tawa Biryani  – From the tawas of Bade Miya Kolaba, Served with Mixed raita. Definite a shout out for this dish. Tawa Biryani, is the most popular and relished food from the streets of Mumbai. This comes with two variations here. Veg & Non Veg !

Veg – It was very good. Marinated Paneer and various vegetables which was garnished with onions and cilantro. Vegetables were fresh, spices pepped up the dish, certainly relishable. Love the aromatic spices they use. The portion is huge and it was perfect for two. But Chicken Biryani was in que. We didn’t end up wasting it. I packed it for my sister at home who is very much fond of Paneer. DSC_0411DSC_0421


Chicken – We had the chicken Tawa biryani and I was not disappointed. The bowls are large and probably too much for the average eater.  Nicely seasoned with various strong Indian spices.  The highlight is the meat, which was tender, succulent, and absorbed all the spices and flavor of the mother biryani dish.  This is very close to the authentic Dum Biryani. Not to worry the spice level, it was mild unlike other Biriyani spots. Mildness didn’t make it bland either. Tummy full!!!DSC_0417DSC_0420DSC_0415


Kulfi Faluda  – Kulfi along with Faluda served in a Tea Glass along with some chia seeds all over and Rooh – Afza syrup on top ! Can you imagine the end product ? You can’t ! It was so very delicious that I could not stop myself from ordering a second one ! One of the best Kulfi Faluda in town. This popular Ice cream dessert of India really ended our dinner in a sweet note. DSC_0456


All in all,
+ Impressive Food with appropriate portion sizes
+ Attentive Service
+ Reasonable Rates
+ Uncluttered Ambience

The restaurant was clean and cheery. The service was great. Granted, we were the only people in the place at the time, but a steady stream of people came in and out picking up take out orders.

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