The True Spirits

The newest location for the one of best Kolkata’s Pub is smack dab in the middle of the action and is a perfect place for a pre-theatre drink (especially for you blokes being dragged along) or a night on the town.DSC_0659

For those not familiar with The Spirits, this place is known for starting off a bit slow and seducing you with some top notch cocktails. Then as the night gets a bit older, all hell breaks loose. Expect shots, a bit of singing, and without fail a bartender or three dancing up a storm on the bar. DSC_0639DSC_0633DSC_0672DSC_0668

When we first arrived I was a bit skeptical because the outside didn’t seem to look very nice, but the moment I enter inside I was blown away by how well the interior was.

❤The red blood that flows through the veins to keep the heart pumping, but The Spirits would make your heart pound instead.
🕗The newest pub and kitchen brings with it a load of thrills for the season and the entire year.
👉Hire your Cab and get down at Webel More, Globsyn Crystals building to reach the Tech hub of city to reach the spirits.
👉Ambience/ Services :
👉The grandeur of vintage wooden décor, golden Matrix lighting, good music all at the top notch .Along with Pipe Room, mezzanine floor to accommodate more than 25 – 30 guests at time, with both Indoor and outdoor sitting Area as well.
🤔Are you thinking that this is not the right place, cause you are not a party animal?
🤗Not to worry cause they have pub for party freaks and casual dine for foodies. The pub has wide variety of globally selected Drinks, while the kitchen offers you with a range of lip smacking fusion dishes.

Food Menu

1. Tower Of Monument – Spicy paneer tikka placed on top chilli mayo crispy potato patty, tower with ratatouille finished with tamarind chutney. This was so fantastic! Rich, luxurious and smooth, packed with so many layer of intense flavor.DSC_0695
2. Fried Wings – Marinated fresh & succulent deep fried chicken wings served with inhouse BBQ sauce. DSC_0678
3. Mexican Pickled Veg Tostada – Crispy flour tortillas topped with pickled vegetables, salsa, sour cream & cheese. DSC_0708

4. Gandhoraj Fish Tikka – Bengali Style fish tikka marinated in aam kasundi, cashew nut paste & gandhoraj lime zest served with lemon aioli &mint dip. DSC_0691
5. Hari Mirchi Ki Murgh Tikka  – Boneless chicken marinated with chef special and in-house green chilli pikled served with beet root hummus & salad. DSC_0713DSC_0715
6. Veg Dipper box ( Malai Mirchi Cigars / Smoked Potato Croquettes / Jalapeno Cheese Poppers) –

Malai Mirchi Cigar : Indian rumali bread stuffed with cheese, chilles, fresh herbs & deep fried. Served with in-house curry chilli dip
Smoked potato croquettes : Oven roasted smoked potato mash, leek and fresh herbs stuffed with cheddar and crumb fried. Served with paprika aioli.
Jalapeno cheese poppers : Crumbed fried jalapeno & cheese balls served on garlic aioli spread and tomato salsa. DSC_0698
7. Non-Veg Dipper Box ( Popcorn Chicken / Chicken Nuggets / Chicken Croquettes)

Popcorn Chicken : Marinated chicken crumbed with popcorn crusted served with homemade dip.
Chicken Nuggets : All time favorite chicken nuggets served with homemade dip.
Chicken Croquettes : Crumbed fried minced chicken deep fried served with homemade dipDSC_0684DSC_0686DSC_0687DSC_0688

1. Slow Cooked Lamb – Fresh & tender lamb cubes slow cooked with mushroom, shallots, bell peppers in red wine jus, served with onion pilaf. DSC_0818
2. Narkel Chingri Rissotto – Arborio rice cooked in prawns, tender coconut, indian malai gravy and cheese. DSC_0812
3. Mutton Bowl – Kolkata style bone-less kasha mutton with aromatic spices served with steamed Rice. DSC_0733DSC_0735
4. Tandoori Paneer Tikka Pizza – Spicy Paneer tikka, onnion, tomato, bell pepper and melted cheese. DSC_0835

5. Spanish Garlic Chicken – Grilled Chicken with saffrom risotto in pink pepper garlic chicken & glazed bok choyDSC_0817

1. American Magic – Layers of sponge cake with tutti frutti icecream. DSC_0834DSC_0828
2. Flambe Jamun – Hot Gulab Jamun served in sweet Rabri with flambe Rum.DSC_0841DSC_0839


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