Lucknowee – the flavour of Nawab in Kolkata

This review is LONG overdue!

Awadhi food was served to royals. Nawabs saw cooking as a form of art, so dishes were carefully presented in beautiful, luxurious ways. This restaurant honors that tradition. Awadh’s interior is gorgeous, the service is incredible, and its flavors are thoughtful and complex.

These are the restaurants you want in your neighborhood. Go!

Went on a Saturday afternoon with a group of friends looking for a big, warm lunch and WOW YES this place was perfect. The owner was so gracious in greeting us. Great ambience and quick service. Food came out really quickly too.DSC_0684

Lucknowee Kebab + Ulta Tawa Paratha – Melt in your mouth minced lamb kebabs. I could eat these all day with a side of ulta tawa paratha (whole wheat layered bread). Let me just say that this was the best Indian bread I’ve ever had. The waiter also brought me chutneys which was nice of him, but honestly I could have just eaten that bread by itself. The crispy okra was probably better for sharing as I couldn’t finish it. For me it was a refreshing substitute for all the chips and fries I’ve been craving.DSC_0624DSC_0681DSC_0683DSC_0695
Crispy Rumali RotiDSC_0600DSC_0602DSC_0605
Murg Nawabi – The chunk of chicken was grilled just right and was juicy with every bite. Chicken is marinate in yogurt tandoori sauce. More creamy than spicy. DSC_0638DSC_0639

Murg Afgani Tandoori – This was one of my favorite dishes! The chicken was marinated in rosemary yogurt. It was so juicy and so flavorful. I could have eaten platters of this!
Lasooni Tandoori Jhinga – I was just impress that that they did not use some cheap tiny shrimps.  They were big shrimps that you expect from a respectable restaurant.  DSC_0618DSC_0619DSC_0621
Hara Bhara KebabDSC_0609DSC_0610DSC_0613Amritsari TikkiDSC_0630DSC_0631

Biryani (Dum and Lucknowee varieties in both Murg and Gosht) – The rice was flavorful and fluffy, with all the essential aromatic flavors that defines a good biryani running through it. The meat can be much better. It’s not tender and fall-apart enough, and spices haven’t seeped into it completely. Also some pieces were a bit too chewy.DSC_0672DSC_0675DSC_0679DSC_0687DSC_0691DSC_0693
Nalli Gosht – It’s a spicy dish, and the lamb is always tender with a wonderfully flavorful sauce.The curry is warm, thick and creamy and its spiciness can be customized to taste. The curry base is very good, with the underlying sweetness and garam masala aromatic spices melding well together.DSC_0643DSC_0647
Murg Angara – A great flavor but it is SPICY by default (I’d still order it again). Most people with normal taste buds shouldn’t ask for it to be spicier. Just a friendly warning 🙂DSC_0664
Dum ka Keema – Amazing, one of the best I’ve ever had. That’s quite an amazing feat for a dish that is almost ubiquitous at all Indian Restaurants. DSC_0659DSC_0660
Nargisi Kofta – A rich gravy sauce with Meetball dumplings and on the milder side of the spicy scale. This is one of my all time favorite dishes and it should be creamy for sure, but I think it’s best when they add more ground spices and nuts to the sauce so there is more variety in the flavor and it’s not quite so unhealthy, and still evokes a creamy look and taste.  DSC_0668DSC_0670
Daal Makhani – This is the classic dal makhani. A curry made from black lentils cooked with Indian spices in butter. Generally the excessive butter makes your throat dry but not this one.DSC_0648
Bread – They’re like a fluff of warm clouds which absorb all the curry you dress it with. YUMMY! I liked that it was thick and a bit more special than other naan I’ve had at other restaurants.DSC_0694

Bombay Falooda with Ice- CreamDSC_0700DSC_0698
Aloo ka HalwaDSC_0702DSC_0704

Pictures speak louder than words so look below to get a taste of the magic . All the dishes were great so you can’t go wrong with any choice. The atmosphere is elegant AND cozy, with quality dishes and glasses. The service is friendly and attentive with real smiles. I loved it !! The food and the service here are truly exceptional. There are many good Indian restaurants , but they usually only do one or two dishes particularly well. What sets this restaurant apart is that every single dish we tried was excellent, from the sauces they brought out for appetizers to the entrees themselves.

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