Dumpling Momo – Jadavpur

“It’s just that originally, momos are of Tibetan origin while dumplings are of Chinese origin.” – Googles answer to the difference between dumplings and momos.

Honestly, the name is what made me want to try it. Dumpling Momo had a good backing online, so here we go. IMG_20191230_183053

The restaurant has a nice warm environment. Great for family and groups. The staff was great, not hesitant to explain the various items. The owner was on the floor ensuring that we were having a good time, good guy.IMG_20191230_193423

The menu is straightforward and simple.

Chicken Pan Fried Momo – Crispy shell with a nice filling. you can feel actual pieces of chicken.

Dimshum Kothey – Honestly, I could not find a significant difference from the regular fried asides from the sauce


Hara Bhara Baozi – Really good, coated with a nice sauce would recommend.

Chicken Baozi – As a non vegetarian, I always found it better than the Hara Bhara ! IMG_20191230_193499

Chicken Thukpa – Overall we concluded that this is the top out of the all we had.

Chicken Momo Sizzler – Combo of various flavour of momo presented in sizzler format with some hot noodles.

Wai Wai Chicken Momo –Pan Fried Momo in top of wai wai noodles. A goof portion of meal at one go.

Chocolate Momo – The perfect dish to marry sweet with savoury. Every bite of the momo makes your mouth explode with flavours.

In comparison to traditional dumplings, was nice to try something different especially with the different varieties. The dough on a Momo is a touch thicker than your standard dumpling but I think that’s what gives it a different texture, and the seasoning inside is vastly different. Also the Momos had some beautiful pleats, nicely wrapped and no holes to be seen.

Overall, if you love dumplings, I think you should give it a try ! 

Dumpling Momo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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