Hungerpangs, Saltlake

We drive past this place every day but have never been inside. But we decided to go check them out yesterday for lunch.

Super meh. The food is very edible; the service exists. Folks are raving about the fries, but I’m here to tell you they’re the same fries as you can get anywhere else — there is no special seasoning, and they’re not cooked in any special way. They are not bad fries. They are not exceptional fries. They’re just fries. And the same goes for the rest of their food that I’ve tasted. It’s just food, people.

The place looks like something you’d find as a roadside diner while making a late night trip, so it the name suited it perfectly.

The cafe is very small. This place ideal if you are a weekend warrior or similar type group where you just want to order food and hang out.

*Note : It is vegetable Cafe ! If you are carnivorous like me, you might opt out !

We were many in numbers ! Had to order a few good number of dishes !

Coffee – DSC_1373Peri peri French FryDSC_1375
Pan Fried Momo (Regular and with Cheese topping) – DSC_1378DSC_1385


American Cheese Sandwich – DSC_1387DSC_1388DSC_1390

Chilli Garlic Maggi (Regular and with Cheese Topping) – DSC_1403DSC_1397DSC_1410

Oreo Shake – DSC_1406
Butter Scotch Shake – DSC_1418

Crispy Chilli Mushroom – DSC_1425DSC_1427
Crispy Chilli Baby Corn Dry – DSC_1382DSC_1380
Blue Lagoon – DSC_1435
Foods not bad but it’s not great. Oh my God and it’s hot in there. I really don’t like eating in hot places! Don’t expect cold AC in the summer here! But it’s clean and there aren’t many options here with Veg only menu in the roadside so it’s nice to have.


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