Barishhhh – the experimental take on modern Indian cuisines

The newest from the house of Speciality Group of Restaurants !! ‘kind of bar, sort of cafe’ that’ll leave you mesmerised! JDSC_3468

Wow this place is amazing! I ate until I felt like I could explode. It was a shame I couldn’t even finish everything that was brought to the table. The service was amazing! The waitress was incredibly attentive and her recommendations were on fleek! The staff was very knowledgeable about the extensive drink and food menus. This place is a well-oiled machine. The chefs creations could take your tastebuds on a little trip to heaven. I tried so many of the small plates that I’ll just list my favorites, but all of them were terrific!DSC_1045

This is the kinda spot you want to take all your visiting friends too where they’ll be name dropping afterwards because of fantastic it was! DSC_1037DSC_1043DSC_1046DSC_1047

The decor seems to beautiful and has that classy gastropub feel where you know this place is gonna be bomb and wouldn’t second guess yourself for recommending it. Situated in the 4th level of South City Mall, it also has outdoor seating area.  As I entered I noticed huge pink giraffes coming out of wall with hanging chandelier ; lot of colorful butterflies, animal portraits mixed up with corporate looks etc. But could not understand the theme at all !! Pop colours, quirky decor installations and picturesque corners along with DJ console table.

“Its time to pouring out your favourite tipple and serving lip-smacking dishes – Lets the Music play”


BARishh is all about the experimental take on modern Indian cuisines by the contemporary chefs. Indian inspired global cuisine is the main forte of BARishh.


Tomato RasamGarlic Rusk, a South Indian classic dish Thakkali Rasam, is simple, comforting tomato rasam that is made in all households down south. Thin tomato base with a tempering of rich ghee along with curry leaves and asafoetida.. Made with tomato, curry leaves and asafoetida powder, it is an ideal appetizer recipe. Rasam tastes the best when served with crispy papads. Here we have been served a garlic Rusk which complementing each others flavour well. DSC_1079DSC_1082

Quinoa & Barley Salad – the dynamic duo of barley and quinoa can’t be beaten!! A great way to get a quality carbohydrate that will help to keep your blood sugar stable and prevent you from craving simple sugars. Puff rice, pomegranate with feta labneh on top.DSC_1086DSC_1087


Avacado Galoutoi Kebab – When life gives you avocados and you just don’t want more guacamole, try this. Tawa Tortilla, Nimbu cream and tomato pachadi. They are creamily delicious, packed with healthy goodness.  DSC_1106DSC_1108
Beetroot Chop – With the freshest and sweetest of beets and goat cheese, those chops were delicious.DSC_1100
Lotus Stem Magic Masala – These fascinating looking lotus root fries with sticky sesame, tamarind & chilli sauce are super crispy and very addictive. Something fun and different from the everyday potato chip! A crazy easy appetizer and certain conversation starter. Flavour adventure! DSC_1096DSC_1098
Desi Buffalo Chicken Wings – Anyone who has tried buffalo wings  here, will know how delicious they are. Those deep fried chicken wings dipped into cheese can be quite addictive. The flavor and consistency of tamarind bbq sauce was perfect. The glaze it was served with was the perfect blend of sweet and spicy.DSC_1104DSC_1105

Something Fishy – Brit & Chips captures the best aspects of fish and chips of the traditional. It is a popular kind of fast food in some parts of the world. Crumb fried Indian spiced Bhetki with chutney tartare. DSC_1090

Coriander Pesto Bhetki –  Mouthmelting fish chunnks drizzled with divine coriander pesto. Beautiful flavours, lots of texture – so amazing! This pesto has a cool cilantro-jalapeño-lime kind of thing going on, and it is pretty damn delicious. DSC_1118
Lamb Boti Tacos – It was fire ! If you love lamb you would die for these! They were cooked to perfection and were a delightful flavor explosion.  I was truly blown away by these. THESE ARE A MUST GET!!!!!DSC_1111


Moilee Khow Suey (Veg) – Cottage Cheese, Broccoli and Corn ! A one-pot meal which is made with the goodness of various exotic vegetables and boiled noodles. Dish with a delicately spiced coconut milk sauce and is served up with an array of different contrasting condiments/toppings that takes this dish to the next level and give it a burst of amazing flavors.DSC_1141DSC_1146
Daal Bati Churma –  A traditional rajasthani delicacy recipe made from dal, bati or wheat rolls and churma which is powdered wheat ball. But, here this was not authentic at all. Served with bhindi Kurkure ! DSC_1128DSC_1130
Mushroom Jhaal Suji – A whole new dimension. Suji mixed with mustard, curry leaves, red chillis in south Indian breakfast style did not turn out to be an eye opener. DSC_1131DSC_1132
Egg, Bacon & Chorizo Biryani – Chorizo might just be the new bacon! I know, for something to compete with bacon it’s got to be pretty damn amazing. DSC_1136DSC_1140
Grilled Butter Chicken with Quinoa & Coliflower Pilaf – Pretty big slab of meat that was nicely charred, has the smoky woody flavor, and pairs well with pilaf. DSC_1120DSC_1122


Shakarkand Churos –  Deep fried stick shaped pieces of sweet potato dough. A crunchy snack coated with sweet cinnamon mixture. It became heavenly when dipped into liquid dense chocolate.   DSC_1149
Gulabjamun cheesecake – An unique fusion dessert that. Creamy, dreamy, tart and tangy…Cheesecake is on our mind!  They’ve taken a classic dessert and dressed it up with Indian flair. When you marry the flavors of gulab jamun and cheesecake, you’re in dessert heaven!DSC_1152DSC_1159

Great overall ambiance of the space, nice long bar and plenty of bar seating. Dim lighting with high top seating which balances out so your pupils dilate when sitting across from that special someone, but also keeps your posture in check with straight-back chairs. The spirits and beer lists are extensive and include some options that again you may not expect.DSC_1039DSC_1040DSC_1042DSC_1065

Cucumber & Rose
Orange, Lemon & Grape Fruit

Ginfusions are our gin based aperitifs. A delighful collection of Ginfusions, somewhere between a gin and tonic and a cocktail, combination of gin with herbs and spices to create a truly unique drinking experience.DSC_1191DSC_1190

Beach Please
Vodka + Coconut Syrup + Orange Juice + Cranberry JuiceDSC_1170DSC_1171DSC_1187

East Side
Gin + Cucumber + Mint + LimeDSC_1178DSC_1180

Mystical Whiskey
Whiskey + Peach + Orange Juice + RosemaryDSC_1192DSC_1195DSC_1196

Maybe It’s Orange 
Gin + Fresh Carrot Juice + Star AnniseDSC_1185DSC_1188

Overall, we had a great experience and loved the food! Pending what you’re looking for to fill your hunger, you may want to ask your server about the size of each dish… the menu doesn’t fully separate or state whether it’d be considered and app or an entree; and it’s not necessarily all small plates per say, but not necessarily full entrees either.

If we weren’t so exhausted from a day of walking around the city, I definitely could have seen us staying much longer at this establishment!

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