Chai Break @Kankurgachi

We loved that this place was very near to the Kankurgachi Pantaloons.  It was the perfect place to stop and rest after wandering the Pantaloons for hours.  It was a short walk away.  I would allocate about an hour of time if you plan to do their high tea experience. (Strictly for Vegetarian though)

Initially, we were a little confuse because the main entrance doesn’t really look like a tea shop or cafe but once you walk to the upstairs, you’ll see a change in ambiance.  I wouldn’t say that this tea shop give you the vibes of a high end atmosphere but instead it give you a warm and homey feeling. The aesthetic is simple and the lighting is dim. The servers were all really nice.

Tea and Tattle was absolutely delicious, comfortable and casual.  I could relax and enjoy every delectable bite!  I really enjoyed their Paneer Tikka Pocket Kulcha. Paneer Tikka Makhani stuffed in a Pillowy Kulcha.


It was the comfort I needed because I’ve been sick with a sore throat–otherwise, why on earth would I choose to drink hot tea on a warm day?!  The tea was good. Dalchini Adrak, Tulsi Adrak, Saunf Elaichi. It was a flavourful bonanza. IMG_20190330_145211

Servers are also super friendly and everything is prepared quickly – I had barely sat down before my drink was done!

The menu, while being pretty limited with prices on a higher side, accomplishes what any good cafe should. They have a vast selection of sandwich, Wrap, Pasta, Pizza, Chinese and International menu along with Hot and Cold beverages. I only looked longingly at the Chocolate Monte Carlo, but you bet I’ll be back and trying this very soon.

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