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Being an avid food lover, I am having a habit of eating restaurant foods. Born and brought up in a middle class North Kolkata family. Since childhood, I did not give that much preference to home made food !
Spice, oily food was my go to zone. Since lock down that has been taken a hit. Being categorize under essential services, aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato have still able to filled up few holes in our food habit. Many food lovers like me tried our hand out in cooking and saga of clicking and posting pictures continued. You tube and other social media sites have experienced a massive increase in users but sadly content wise there was not enough growth !
Home cooked food was the safest and best option, when income per family became lowest in times due to current worldwide pandemic. When nature Earth shuts down one door for you,  there rises an opportunity to be part of something new and opened up another door.
All of us going through toughest stage of life. We have been asked to stay at home and stay safe. But, how long ? 
Due to professional engagement, it’s to tough to work from home for such long time.
Still, we have to restricted ourselves for the betterment of society and mostly for own family.
“Survival of the fittest” is the tag line of our life today ! Food and Beverage industry has taken an enormous hit due to this lock down. In the midst of all calamity few has decided not to bow down in front of  fear and started to curate something new to keep Johny walking ! 
There are very few people in Earth, who do not love their food. But the numbers become very low when its comes to cook the food. I placed myself in the first segment. Cooking was never by cup of tea. But, I used to cook often when I stay at hostel for my higher studies in Bangalore. You are taking me wrong. I used to cook to keep myself away from local food which was to tough for a Bong like me to accept as regular course of meal.
At home, sometimes I used to put my chef Cap (Imaginary) to cook few of my favourites but ofcourse with the help of my Mom. But these days, people are very easily tagged themselves as food critic after opening a page in Instagram and clicking few good pictures.
I am sure, your parents have asked you to be self dependent minimum once in a whole life time of yours. Study hard, fetch good marks, get a good job and enjoy life. But when our current Prime Minister asked everyone to be “Atma Nirvar”, people started to getting ga ga over the comment. Keeping political views aside, I think each and every one wants to be self dependent and that’s the way to go. Sometimes, you need  a kick in back to push you ahead. Sometimes, it’s good to do your own work rather depending on someone else. But nothing is easy in life. It takes lot of toll to cook good things in life. Same goes with food. Its not only about ingredients, it’s also about your love and passion.
And most importantly knowledge & time. In the rat race of daily life, often we tend to forgot the first love. Working from home certainly  has added more headache than office floor. It’s impossible to give that much time for your family when there is no particular office timing.
DIY meal from the house of @Ocean Grill will certainly provide you joy of cooking if not make you chef. But, i am sure you will be more than happy to feed you and your family some restaurant style food with minimum fuss and price. Ready to cook meal will certainly save your time and make you smile to be able to enjoy some continental delicacies crafted for you.  You don’t have to think about resources neither you have to arrange ingredients, accompaniments and mix up those in adequate proportions to fetch you the best taste. You can take a deep breath and get everything ready in front of you with a phone call. Hygienically packed, Availability, Ease of preparing, Restaurant like food at home and most importantly Cost effectiveness.
For me, cooking my own food enables me to be involved in every step of the process and it always help to write good blog. 
I was privileged to have an first hand experience to associated with such involvement. I cooked.

Let me make you witness of my first such experience.



Zaatar Fish Finger with spicy salsa DSC_0876DSC_0857

Crumbed Stuffed Mushrooms with tomato basil ranchDSC_0843


Montreal Salt Rubbed Chicken Steak with garlic hat potatoes, sauteed veg, mushroom jus DSC_0851DSC_0856

Moroccan Meat Patty with mash potato, sauteed veg, mushroom jus


15 Minutes and a pan can bring out chef in you ! Cook happiness, but don’t be critic !
Order your DIY MEAL KIT from Ocean Grill and cook your restaurant style dish in just 15 mins! The kit will come complete with sides, accompaniments, sauces, OG salt, marinaded best cuts of meat and fish.
Pre orders only to ensure that we can deliver the freshest products to you (Literally fresh from the market on the day and no frozen items).
Place your order by 10 pm and get it delivered by next day !
#diybyoceangrill #
Moroccan Meat Patty
Montreal Salt Rubbed Chicken Steak
Moroccan Meat Patty
Crumbed Stuffed Mushrooms
Zaatar Fish Finger
Crumbed Stuffed Mushrooms


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