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It’s time to taking you across the seas this week via your stomachs. Destination? Afraa Restaurant & Lounge. Itโ€™s all kebabs and you can expect a range of great goodies to get munching on. Savour the rich flavour of Global Grill festival at Afraa. Enriched with taste and health. With a little help from Chef weโ€™ve managed to travel across the turbulent tubes to roaming across world !

Afraa Restaurant & Lounge is quintessential in Kolkata. It’s in the heart of the Saltlake. Park the car in a lot that, that’ll cost you a whopping amount of bucks (and have no fear – that attendant ain’t letting no one break into your car!), and walk over. Plan on a decent wait during lunch time because this place caters to locals and the random visitors.

Very welcoming & kind atmosphere. Love the food selection, over a variety of them to choose from! Food was great! The hype is real! The meat was good perfectly, not dry at all. Perfectly seasoned and the sides were really good! When something pretty simple comes out cooked so well, it makes such a difference from its competitors.

The food was tender, juicy, flavorful and the portions are good. The service was fantastic. Everything you want in a dining destination. Perfect mixed with everything else. Never disappoints. Well balanced platters, fresh ingredients, ย good portions.

Launch of Global Grill Festival !

The concept of the festival from the Voice of Swarup Chatterjee, Chef dรฉ Cuisine, Afraa Restaurant & Lounge mentioned hereunder –

“Taste, smell, aroma all have the power to transport through time and space. The flavour of grill food often relates to old vacation memories, picnic and trips. he best restaurants in the world, no matter how world-class chef is, simply, cannot compete with real, good, street grill food – the best, truest, flavourful and most authentic way to taste and experience a city, a culture, its history, its people.

Global Grill promotion with it’s bold, piquant flavours, spicy, salty, fishy, meaty and rich vitamin foods is so different from each other in different parts of the world. Together, this menu represent the traditions and trends of Turkey, Phillipines, Libyan, Lebanon, Persian, Argentina, Jamaica, Syrian, Indian and Iranian kebab or grills.

Kebab was part of India Royal Diet from 1200 AD. A 10th Century cookbook “Kitab al-tabikh” means kebab as meat either pan-fried or grilled. Afgan plunderers invaders brought Kebab to Indian kitchen. In Mughal period kebabs were softer & succulent, with an aroma that came from various spices & nuts. “

The Collections :

Non-Veg Indian Kebab Platter :

1. Burhani Tandoori bekti, with burnt mango chutney. It looked great and I started my journey with this. I loved how the fish crisped on the outside and also got hints of charcoal. Crispy and soft on inside.

2. Murgh Kastoori Kebab cream and saffron marinade, brushed with egg and chargrilled. it was served beautifully with the saffron cream sauce ribboning into the contrasting colours. The beauty of the plating genuinely peaked my appetite.

3. Shahtoosh Kebab, mouth melting comparable to the silky softness of the most luxurious Pashmina Shawls of Kashmir. Upon my first bite and confirmed with my second bite, I knew this was not just good, but probably claiming the crown for the best version of this venerable dish I’ve enjoyed!

4. Mutton Galauti, served on flaky paratha. ย It was flavorful ground lamb. I was pleasantly surprised and wanted to keep eating it even though in a while the it got a bit soggy, but the flavor was good.

Non – Veg International Grill Platter (Mediterranean):

1. Harissa Grilled Prawn Skewers, with thoum , the sweet and tart thick sauce foiled by the rich creamy yogurt sauce carpeting deliciously fatty pieces prawns those were packed with flavor.

2. Persian Chicken Jujeh Kebab, spiced saffron and yoghurt marinade. Let me preface by saying, I don’t like chicken much and normally would choose anything except chicken off a menu, but here I loved the chicken kebab every single bites. It is tender and juicy and just a bit smokey. 

3. Jamaican Jerk Chicken with BBQ Dip. Chicken Chunks were tender and spot on in hitting all the flavor notes and perfect . The BBQ Dip that accompanied elevated it further.

4. Argentinian Spicy Grilled Fish with Chimichuri . The Betki chunks were large, juicy pieces of fish nicely seasoned.ย Simply delicious, soft and juicy. The spices were perfect and brings in the flavors and aromas to satisfy our taste buds.

Veg International Grill Platter (Mediterranean):

1. Turkish Veg Sheesh Kebab, garlic, oregano and all spice marinade.

2. Cottage Cheese Steak, with inasal sauce. ย It is just stellar as well such great marinade and seasoning with these large chunks of Paneer.

3. Button Mushroom, asparagus and bell pepper, with spicy tomato dip. Juicy, succulent, and tender. I just wish there was more of it. So robust in flavor that I could honestly eat all of them.

4. Batatahara, Lebanese potatoes mixed with coriander, garlic and chilli. It was served with pita. The potatoes that I had may have been the best that I’ve had in a while too. This medium cooked potatoes combined with the peppers and onions was so good I was audibly going “Mmm” .

Each of the kebabs hit all of the checkmarks for deliciousness. Notable positives were the amazing moist texture of the kebabs and the explicit flavor of the meat. The accompanying sauces were equally delicious; seasoned well and cooked perfectly.

After so much proteins, drinks were absolute necessity.


Great selection of drinks but where they shine is what they come up on the fly. Just tell your guy what you like and don’t like and he/she will make something that’ll make you go “mewow”! Prices are very reasonable for bespoke drinks. The bartender was fun to talk to also. We were in a group and he was cool with just chatting about his specials. He made 4 specials for 4 of us ! And if you want something created off-menu, I bet if you give the bartender your desired flavor profile and spirit choice, they’ll whip up something amazing for you, just like they did for us. We ended up with perfect combo of Dinner and drinks, engaging conversation, and just the right atmosphere to build anticipation for long night. Cheers to that!

Orange and Basil Mojito –

Cosmo tea Lemonade

Blueberry Blush

Watermelon and celery Mojito

Afraa Restaurant & Lounge continues to impress. What a bang for your buck! The portion sizes were fulfilling, leaving us with full stomachs. We felt extremely welcomed and looked after as restaurant goers, which is always nice! There has been a recent change to the restaurant, allowing for more seating and leisurely dining, with beautiful decor on the walls. We will absolutely be returning to roam around the world for the love for Kebab !!! The service was nothing short of impeccable.

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