Loafer’s Cafe 2.0@ City Centre 1

Finally, the wait is over and Loafer’s Cafe is ready to serve you at our newest outlet at City Centre 1, Salt Lake. You can avail your favourites between 12-8pm. For table reservation or any further details, call +91 62922 51234/ 62894 61972.

This place is definitely a gem in this city. From the second you walk in you are engulfed in the fun-loving atmosphere. The decor gives off a vintage vibe that’ll have you thinking you’re Loafer himself. The staffs are super chill and cool. The way they interact with each other is as if they are really in a close-knit club, and they make you feel like a member as well. The coffee machine does look big and awfully impressive though.

This place is tucked away in the less crowded zone of CC1, Saltlake. Incredibly beautiful space in CC1 with mouthwatering specials. The space is stunning and will transport you to a luxurious destination in the midst of Kolkata with cascading green, golden chandeliers and dark wood paneled furniture. Such a visual treat.
It’s so different than what we normally expect. The experience is an absolute belter.  The counter

This place is tucked away in the less crowded zone of CC1, Saltlake. Incredibly beautiful space in CC1 with mouthwatering specials. The space is stunning and will transport you to a luxurious destination in the midst of Kolkata with cascading green, golden chandeliers, and dark wood-panelled furniture. Such a visual treat. It’s so different from what we normally expect. The experience is an absolute belter.  The countertops are loaded with pastries, croissants, Quiche, many celebrations cakes, and obviously lots of loaves. Loafer’s Cafe it is. In fact, I kind of wish they were less tasty so that I could cut down on my calorie intake.

Its so clean

It’s so unsuspecting 

It’s so delicious

These are some seriously sophisticated favours and textures going on. 

I was truly impressed by everything here including the location, atmosphere, food, and service. First of all, the place itself is stunning, Spaces are carefully designed and placed, each one with comfort, charm and sophistication lending itself to an authentic and divine high tea experience. You can definitely dress up for the experience – you will fit right in with the posh decor.

But I can’t review the place without talking about the food. First thing – come hungry!  And even then, make sure you have a few hours to indulge as otherwise you will have to go way past the point of full in order to enjoy each delectable piece you are served.  I’ve attached the menu here so you can see what you get, as well as a picture so you can begin to appreciate the beauty and amount of the food.  My personal favourites were the Broccoli Pizza and of course, the Loafers Signature Non-Veg Platter. I’m very intrigued by their creative menu.


Olive Focaccia – The focaccia with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and Olive. The bread quality was amazing. It was chewy and had lots of flavor. The olive came through and the salt added amazing flavor to the bread. It was a little on the oily side for me, but it still tasted really good. If the bread were warm, it would have tasted even better.

Wilton Way Red Velvet Cheese – It is moist, rich and not too sweet. It’s a pretty intense experience biting into the red velvet. .

Seasonal Exotic Fresh Strawberry/ Pineapple / Mango

Mango Lichi Avelena – It was one of the prettiest desserts I’ve ever seen and one of the tastiest too. Absolutely delicious, sweet, and perfect in the frosting to cake ratio! I

Raspberry Strip croissant – I have a true appreciation for how much work went into making this, so incredibly flaky and layered.


Broccoli Pizza
Broccoli, Feta, Caramelized Onion, Pine Nuts, Garlic and Pesto – The crust is a bit thicker at the edges and is amazing. The sauce is light and super flavorful. And the amount of cheese is perfect. It was served piping hot and came out quickly.

Chicken Pizza
Chicken, Jalapeno, Pineapple and Fresh Basil


Ala Fungi
Mushroom, Alfredo Sauce, Parmesan – Cream sauce with mushroom, garlic, toasted pine nuts, parmesan and fresh basil. For a change every single ingredient in this list was in the dish and what’s more you could taste it in every bite. This has to be one of the most well-balanced pasta’s I’ve ever had. The sauce was just right – creamy, but not too overpowering or drenched in cream that you couldn’t taste anything else. Excellent.

Chicken with Mushroom in Rose Sauce with Basil
choice of Pasta – Penne / Spaghetti – The presentation is beautiful and the ingredients are farmer’s market-fresh.


Loafers Signature Non-Veg Platter
assortment of Griled Chicken,Fish,
Pork / Chicken Sausage,Fried Egg and Fries

The pork sausage is almost indescribable, but it makes you wish you could live in this restaurant! Delicately spiced and grilled to perfection, these garlicky grilled Fish was a hint of how excellent the rest of the meal was to be.  It was served with a side salad of mixed greens and potato wedges. The fish and it had a melt-in-the-mouth type of freshness to it and the crispy bed of salad was excellent as well.


Knickerbocker Glory Loafers Way – It feels romantic and you know, the ice cream, whipped cream, all of the beautiful candied fennel on the top. You can see all of the textures. I mean, it looks great. It was an exciting dessert. It was lit. It was a riot. There was a jumble sale of flavours. I am still smiling ear to ear for a good reason. My palate has been soothed and refreshed. And I feel happy. And I think that’s what a great dessert does, it is just cleaned out the palate and makes you feel like the meal is complete.


You need to give 30 Minutes for Cooking Fresh for you.
Victorian High Tea was initially served between three and four o’clock. The household’s finest China, Sterling, and Linen were utilized in carrying out the ritual. The menus normally included tea sandwich, cakes, scones, cookies, and assorted pastries, and of course, Devonshire cream. Etagere stand or Charlie stands of different items was placed all over the sitting room where the tea was served. This allowed the guests to mingle throughout the evening. The two-tiered plate stand arrived loaded with sweets. There was two of everything. You can choose between Veg or Non Veg options to go for full monty.

Matured English Cheddar Melt, Broccoli Leek Quiche

Best Ever Tuna Melt Sandwich, Croissant Filled Egg, Iceberg, Mayo Sandwich

Carrot Cake Banana Walnut
Linzer Torte
Lemon Tart


Rich Chocolate Shaving – It literally melts in your mouth and comes with a tart sauce to counteract the richness of the chocolate. I’ve diligently trekked to the Heights to get the dose of creamy goodness at Milk Sugar Chocolate Love. The old school velvety scoops have instantly been a mood lifter and made us go back for more…. and more!!  


Iced Tea
Peach,Lemon,Mango,Green Apple

Black, Latte, Iced, Cinamon Honey Iced Latter and Hazelnut.

At Loafer’s Cafe, everything from the bread to the mains and desert was simply excellent. If you’re looking for a no fuss, high on taste meal in Saltlake area, that wont break the bank, this is it.

Great place, a definite recommendation! Don’t miss this gem, a full brekkie anywhere else is a disservice to yourself. Check this place out and be amazed!!

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