I am a big of a skeptical of good food and service. Cozy cafe and view, service is above average/great and have had a fun time every time we’ve been here. I would always recommend this for a good time if you want a non busy. This is one of our go-to spots near Dum Dum […]

জামাইষষ্ঠী! জামাই আদর হোক কিংবা ভুঁড়িভোজ, সপ্তপদী তে আছে পাক্কা বাঙালিয়ানা খাবারের সঠিক খোঁজ। জামাইষষ্ঠী স্পেশাল এই থালি পাওয়া যাবে ২৪ই জুন অবধি । If you’re looking for a restaurant with a posh environment and food dumbed down for palates, this is not your venue. If you’re seeking an authentic Bangladeshi food experience in a […]

Bengalees are known for their food loving nature, they don’t hesitate to try different types of food starting from South Indian Dosa to Mumbai’s Vada Pav. Food’s from every corner of the world get warm welcome here. But there is a day in the year when we all will search for the Bengali Cuisine, It’s […]

মিও আমোরে-র হাত ধরে বাঙালীর বর্ষ বরণ 🍉🍄🍇🌰🍖🍗🍡🍰🍽️🍴 To alleviate the happiness of this jovial occasion, convey your warm regards and wishes to your family, friends and relatives by giving them adorable an exclusive Poila Baishakh gifts. The Poila Boisakh Special Brownie Cake(Eggless) can be perfect item to wish your family and friends to celebrate it with magnificent grandeur […]

Came across Kolkata street on the way of daily life and often decided to give try to to different restaurants, almost all in my last 10 – 12 years of Life . My cousin brother  suggested we try out an authentic place so we ordered. Yes this is Home based Bengali food delivery joint which seems […]

ভোজ কম্পানি তে ভুঁড়ি ভোজের আসর We, Bengalis are the food lovers, the term ”Bhuri Bhoj” (eating to the fullest of stomach like a glutton) or “Khadyo Roshik” (Food Enthusiastic) are related to the Bengali food lovers. Bengali cuisine generally involves a hot palette, using a large number of herbs, spices and roots in order to create dishes that […]