An experimentation with Power Lunch session concocted by a friend of mine was hugely successful ! Trying to get better about this whole blogging thing and could not think of a better place to start off on.  DECOR: Irish House, Kolkata exudes sexiness but in the most charming and classy way possible. The place has […]

This is undoubtedly the best authentic South Indian cuisine I have had in Kolkata. This little place is absolutely great on my first visit! I was in a bad mood, bored as I had to wait for a meeting, and dropped in almost to pass the time. Browsing the menu was interesting, and there were […]

Cute restaurant. Ample seating, which is important if you have a large party. And the space itself is spacious so you’re not bumping elbows with the party next to ya. They have a mixture of small and big tables. Big table a bunch of individuals sat and ate. Seems trendy, a lot of people coming […]