I went to Zaairah with a fair amount of hesitation – as someone who eats a very omnivorous diet, I had my skepticism about what would come from a Pure Veg restaurant. I’m happy to say, however, that all of my fears were assuaged ! Delicious even for omnivores; you won’t miss meat!! It was […]

Your white-sequined summer gown glistens in the summer sunset You’re glowing – gold, pink, orange…reflecting the impending dusk Your hair is in a loose up-do, with an errant piece wandering down your shoulders, almost as if it’s seeking to caress your gold back necklace You’re surrounded by your equally fascinating friend You chatter about celebrity […]

Looking for genuine oriental food in the area? Want something that’s absolutely delicious and a great price? Have not been back since the summer of 2017, but not by choice. This location is about a hall an hour drive from our home, but needless to say, we make the drive just for the service and […]

Having grown up in proper North Kolkata and Bangal Basak family, my childhood was spent witnessing many beautiful rituals which are only archived in pages of history now. Still remember the early morning hustle-bustle at home, the sudden pain in the stomach which would excuse me from attending school for the day, and thus ensued […]

This is one of the best trending place in Kolkata right now. The food and presentation is absolutely amazing, the dishes they prepare are delicious, specially mocktails and desserts. The only drawback is that its a pure vegetarian restaurant. You can have shisha in here at an extremely cozy interior. The ambiance is like heaven […]

“Wonderful food, Excellent service, Royal decor” Who doesn’t know about Oudh ? This restaurant is on bucket list of each and every foodie. What a fantastic place, I wish I lived a little closer and could visit more often. The atmosphere of having dinner in Oudh 1590 was exotic. The Grand New Flagship Period Dining Experience […]