If you are planning to eat out this Republic Day, Holiday Inn Kolkata Airport is offering you some of the best exquisite dishes. Take you pick! 24th to 26th January, 2020. A spread as vast, diverse & flavourful as India itself! 😋 A vast culinary experience awaits you. To mark its significance, Social Kitchen, Unfurls […]

না, ঘন্টি বাজিয়ে সাবস্ক্রাইব করতে হবে না । চারিদিকে Vlog এর রাজ্যে টপ টপ করে ঝোল পরা দেখাতে পারলাম না । কোনও বিশ্ববিখ্যাত লোকজনও এখানে যায়নি বোধ হয় আগে । ফুটেজ কম তো তাই । তাই এই গল্পে সাহারার শিহরণ নেই । আছে শুধু মন তৃপ্তি করা খাবার । দুজন মিলে ভাত, পমফ্রেট, পাপদা, পাঁঠার […]

Mixologist show – is one of the most spectacular types of show with the bright tricks, bottles juggling, dancing, mixing and moving. How professional a bartender can be? But the real art is not just about what to mix, but also about how to! I beg you won’t succeed to follow all the moves! This […]

Bengalees are known for their food loving nature, they don’t hesitate to try different types of food starting from South Indian Dosa to Mumbai’s Vada Pav. Food’s from every corner of the world get warm welcome here. But there is a day in the year when we all will search for the Bengali Cuisine, It’s […]

An evening at M-Terrasse has been considered a cool dining experience ever since the Monotel  first opened its doors for a rooftop pool and a bar – a distinction that was confirmed when the restaurant received High Five for all four categories of Food, Drinks, Ambience and Service.  A cocktail bar by definition, the sophisticated […]

Hands up all you Party Ladies fans! What, no one coming clean? Urban’s nightlife spills over into its Cocktail gardens during the long, light Calcutta Winter nights. Let’s take a Walk on the Wild Side !! Join Us !! If you prefer to be seen luxuriating in an elegant lounge, then swing by Urban Kitchen […]