The Party Code of Urban

Hands up all you Party Ladies fans! What, no one coming clean? Urban’s nightlife spills over into its Cocktail gardens during the long, light Calcutta Winter nights. Let’s take a … Continue reading The Party Code of Urban

B’Day Celebration Amazing Afraa

No matter how many times someone excitedly tells you that you live in the city that termed as City of Joy or that you should stop watching Hoichoi until it asks … Continue reading B’Day Celebration Amazing Afraa

Mesmerizing M-Terrasse

Don’t you live on the top floors of a high-rise in Sec V and miss having a garden for that weekend BBQ, let alone your very own pool for that … Continue reading Mesmerizing M-Terrasse

Aaheli te Ahllade Atkhana !!

Festive season is around the corner and what’s a better start than Durga Puja . The festive period is a foodie’s paradise with plenty of mouth-watering dishes to savour. People … Continue reading Aaheli te Ahllade Atkhana !!

Reflexion of Royal Touch

এসো শরতের অমল মহিমা, এসো হে ধীরে। চিত্ত বিকাশিবে চরণ ঘিরে।।     As a hotel Majestic Suits is probably one of New Town’s most well kept hidden treasures. Through … Continue reading Reflexion of Royal Touch

Nawabi Nawwarah

This is one of the best trending place in Kolkata right now. The food and presentation is absolutely amazing, the dishes they prepare are delicious, specially mocktails and desserts. The … Continue reading Nawabi Nawwarah

A King’s Lunch

“bon appétit!“ The hotel’s service is second to none. From the warm reception of the staff, to the amazing decor, the luxurious lobby, super comfortable sofa and chairs, fantastic Mocktails … Continue reading A King’s Lunch

“Durbari ! Bahut bahut shukriyaan aap sabhi ka ”

Swissotel, Kolkata was very special for me in many ways. Since Swissotel opened in Kolkata I have been dying to be there and feel what it takes a hotel to … Continue reading “Durbari ! Bahut bahut shukriyaan aap sabhi ka ”