As the adage goes, “What a difference a day makes”.  This time – “What a difference a place makes”…! I restored my faith that this restaurant chain is worth visiting, playing at & most definitely… Dining at…! HR Cafe is well in proximity to Park Street and boast as a prime tourist attraction. Very busy […]

আমরা সবাই রাজা আমাদের এই রাজার রাজত্বে– নইলে মোদের রাজার সনে মিলব কী স্বত্বে?। আমরা সবাই রাজা ! GOT খায় না মাথায় দেয় , বুঝিনা । কিন্ত GOT নিয়ে আলোচনা না করলে এই সমাজ আমায় মেনে নেবে না । তাই সঠিক সময়ের সদ্ব্যবহার করে ফেললাম । এটা সল্টলেকের সনামধন্য ও বহু চরচরিত GOT Themed cafe. সল্টলেকের […]

Newly opened outlet located at Milan Park near Garia. Ordered a Full Moon wafflewich ! Still cant understand the naming of the waffle. Chocolate waffle filled with white chocolate. Texture of the waffles was dense and fudgy topped with a little choco chips. A cool presentation and tasted delicious. I got delicious chocolate waffle and […]

This new avatar in town is going to raise the bar when it comes to a cool place to spend a quality time with your friends. The red brick and wooden interior is going to give you a whiff of the western culture but with a smack of Kolkatan flavour. The yellow taxi waiting at […]

Located along a side street off New Alipore Area, Aqua Java is both unassuming and almost Harry Potter-esque as it is hidden street level. The cafe is divided into two parts.  The section at entrance can accommodate 10 – 12 heads and the PDR type comparatively larger part welcome a guest of 20 – 25.  […]