The Bhoj Company – Place for A Glutton

ভোজ কম্পানি তে ভুঁড়ি ভোজের আসর We, Bengalis are the food lovers, the term ”Bhuri Bhoj” (eating to the fullest of stomach like a glutton) or “Khadyo Roshik” (Food Enthusiastic) are … Continue reading The Bhoj Company – Place for A Glutton

B’Day Celebration Amazing Afraa

No matter how many times someone excitedly tells you that you live in the city that termed as City of Joy or that you should stop watching Hoichoi until it asks … Continue reading B’Day Celebration Amazing Afraa

Nostalgic over পিঠা Pithe (Patishapta )

Patishapta is a yummy and super scrumptious dessert recipe and everyone at your home will like this for sure, especially kids. These crepes are prepared with refined flour, rice flour … Continue reading Nostalgic over পিঠা Pithe (Patishapta )

Dawat e Awadh, Ek Rangeen Saam

It is located at first floor of the famous Peerless Inn hotel at esplanade. The Oceanic restaurant serves a huge variety of dishes from across the world, ensuring that no … Continue reading Dawat e Awadh, Ek Rangeen Saam

Aaheli te Ahllade Atkhana !!

Festive season is around the corner and what’s a better start than Durga Puja . The festive period is a foodie’s paradise with plenty of mouth-watering dishes to savour. People … Continue reading Aaheli te Ahllade Atkhana !!

Monotel e Mon Bhore Khao o Khawao ! 

Durgatsov n Bengali the – the Bonding , the Love , the Feeling …. 2017’s only a fortnight away from Maha Sasthi ! The SkyView of Kolkata is giving … Continue reading Monotel e Mon Bhore Khao o Khawao ! 

Reflexion of Royal Touch

এসো শরতের অমল মহিমা, এসো হে ধীরে। চিত্ত বিকাশিবে চরণ ঘিরে।।     As a hotel Majestic Suits is probably one of New Town’s most well kept hidden treasures. Through … Continue reading Reflexion of Royal Touch