Indulge in street food of Prague – Savoury & Ice Cream Chimney Cones Introducing Eastern India’s first ever Chimney Cone !  A newly opened Pure vegetarian joint located near Bhawanipur serving Chimney at just ₹99 along with Crepes & Shakes. Life is tough when you are trying to diet but also try some Chimneys! I’ve […]

Fruitcake! Every year at Christmas it shows up. People bring fruitcake as gifts, they make jokes about it, and sometimes they even eat it! But love it or hate it, fruitcake never goes away. What’s the story behind this sturdy seasonal dessert? If we talk about “traditional” cakes, Royal Fruit Cake would definitely be in […]

This is undoubtedly the best authentic South Indian cuisine I have had in Kolkata. This little place is absolutely great on my first visit! I was in a bad mood, bored as I had to wait for a meeting, and dropped in almost to pass the time. Browsing the menu was interesting, and there were […]

Chicken  pie is a common British pie, ranked as one of the most popular types of savoury pie in Great Britain. This Chicken Pie from the house of MioAmore recipe has everything you need in a creamy chicken pie. Moist, tasty, perfectly cooked chicken, added vegetables and a light chicken pie sauce made with the chicken stock. With a golden-brown […]

Growing up in North Kolkata one of my favorite snack foods was spicy chicken puff. The soft flaky pastry filled with bits of savory chicken pieces was such a treat, every time. These are definitely street food, as well as very delicious. In childhood days there were not many brands who used to serve puffs and patties. But […]

I was returning from a trip with my friends on my way home and happened to see this KFC.  It was about 1:30 pm so I decided to get some chicken meal for lunch.  There was parking available in their lot so I swung in, went inside and got in line.  There were two customers waiting […]